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Milne & Co

Photographs by Milne & Co

 I have found no trace of Milne & Co's studio at 13 Dundonald Street in local trade directories, so I do not know when the company operated.

However, I have seen two photograph by Milne & Co, Photo-Artists, at this address:

-   a portrait about cabinet print size, but with no border.

-   an outdoor photograph of three young boys (approx 6 ins x 4 ins, mounted on card about 9 ins x 7 ins).  See below.    The children's clothing should give a clue as to when the photograph may have been taken.

The photograph is reproduced below with and without its mount. Please click one of the images below to enlarge it.

   Outdoor photograph of three young boys by Milne & Co.       Outdoor photograph of three boys by  Milne & Co

Photographers named Milne

There were reported to have been two Edinburgh photographers, in the 1880s, named Milne.    [DR Torrance]

(1)   Alexander Milne worked from 7 Leith Street around 1885. He is mentioned in the Begbie book below, but I have found no record of him in the Edinburgh & Leith Trade Directories, so he may well have been working for another photographer, rather than under his own name.

(2)   Margaret MG Milne who was listed in the 1881 census as:

-   Housekeeper photographer:  aged 36

-   Born:  Edinburgh

-   Child:  James SM  aged 10    (born:  Edinburgh)

Was either of these photographers connected with Milne & Co?


The book, Thomas Vernon Begbie - Photographer reports that between 1874 and 1896,
No 7 Leith Street was occupied consecutively by Thomas Begbie, James Murray, Alexander Milne, John Whyte and Alexander Milne, all photographers.