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-  John Nesbitt

-  John Nesbit  [in some directories]

-  Nesbitt & Lothian

-  Nesbit & Lothian  [in some directories]



Nesbitt,  John

79 Princes Street


Nesbitt,  John

79 George Street


Nesbitt & Lothian

79 George Street



John Nesbitt

1861 Census

John Nesbitt  was described:

in the 1861 census as Photographer and Artist

from 1861 in the Edinburgh trade directories as Photographic Artist.

At the time of the census, he was living in his studio, 79 Princes Street, with:

-  Sarah Nesbitt  [age 29, wife, b. Ireland]

-  Robert J Nesbitt  [son, age 3, b. Aberdeen]

-  John R Nesbitt  [son, 11 months, b. Aberdeen]

-  Catherine Craig Nesbitt  [servant, age 15, b. Edinburgh]

[1861 Census]


John Nesbitt

PSS Exhibition

6th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1861

John Nesbitt exhibited calotype portraits in the 6th PSS Exhibition in 1861.  Press comment:  "Calotype portraits are of considerable merit"   [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

He became a partner in Nesbitt & Lothian in 1866.  He married Elan Moffat, daughter of John Moffat


John Nesbitt


Was this the same man as John Nesbitt, Landscape Painter, at 24 George Street in 1880?