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 Photographic Company


Parisian Photographic Company


Parisian Photographic Company described themselves as 

"Photographers and Portrait Painters or as Art Photographers". 

They had studios in Edinburgh(1887) and other cities including :

   -  London (from 1864)

   -  Manchester (from 1895) 

   -  Newcastle (from 1903).

In Scotland, Parisian Photographic Company had studios in Edinburgh, Leith and Galashiels.  The Edinburgh addresses were 75 Princes Street and 1 Hanover Street.  A report from 1893 explains how there were two Edinburgh addresses:

“The Edinburgh premises are on the corner of  Princes Street and Hanover Street, with entrances from both streets.  There is a large variety of costumes ‘for fancy portraits and tourists’, with rustic and landscape backgrounds.”    [EI]

The studio advertised:  

“The carbon process can be used, when desired, and the instantaneous process is of the greatest advantage in the case of children’s portraits especially.  Also life-sized portraits in oil and tiny miniatures on ivory or porcelain.”

Parisian Photo Co appears to have also operated other studios in Scotland, including one in Fife which I am told produced photographs of the 'railway carriage' in their studio

Parisian Photo Co  -  Edinburgh © 

but with a destination of Aberdour, rather than Edinburgh.

I have also heard of photographs from studios with similar names in England.  e.g.

The Parisian Studio
36, Heath Street
Winson Green


Parisian Photographic Company

Cartes de Visite

Cartes de visite were also produced under the name French Photo Co.  When were these produced?

Was it Parisian Photo Co or an offshoot of Parisian Photo Co  which traded under the name French Photo Co?


Parisian Photographic Company

Photographers -  Bomont and Huber

The Edinburgh studios were run by B Bomont (1887-91) then by Madame AB Bomont (1891-93).  

A third member of the family, F Bomont, worked for the company in 1889.

Was this the same man as the Frederick Bomont who became Photographer at 90 Raeburn Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh (1906-08)?

Madame Huber and Augustus Charles Huber worked for the company in 1902.