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George Shaw

Early Days

George Shaw first appeared as a photographer in the trade directories in 1867, but there is evidence to suggest that he may have started his professional photography  several years earlier.  

A booklet produced by The Gladstone Court Museum at Biggar includes a photograph of Biggar Bowling Club in 1859, taken by George Shaw.

The trade directories describe George Shaw as Artist Photographer  during the years 1867-1900, except for:

-  1870-75:    He did not appear in the trade directories in these years.

  Where was he then? 

-  1877:         He was also described as Portrait Painter


George Shaw

Studio Advert

George Shaw advertised his Viewpark Art Studios, about a mile to the South of Edinburgh, in 1876.

“GEORGE SHAW begs to intimate that he has opened those spacious and elegant premises at 43 NORTH BRUNTSFIELD PLACE (Opposite the Links) for the production of High-Class photography in all its various branches.

Owing to the great amount of light at command, and the complete arrangement of his establishment, GS will be able to fulfil Orders entrusted to him in the most perfect manner that the Art can produce.

Every description of Portraits and Pictures carefully copied and enlarged to any size, carefully finished in Crayon, Oil and Water Colour.  STUDIO ON GROUND FLOOR.  Cars pass every few minutes.  43 North Bruntsfield Place.


George Shaw

The 1880s and 1890s

The 1880s

Viewpark Art Studios, North Bruntsfield Place continued to be the address of George Shaw until 1880.  

Viewpark Photo Art Studios Bruntsfield Links was his address was from 1883 onwards.   I am not sure whether or not this was in fact the same studio.

The 1890s

In the 1890s, George Shaw moved to central Edinburgh, opening premises at 143 Princes Street.  See illustration on the back of his cabinet print below.


George Shaw

143 Princes Street

The advertisement below is taken from
the back of one of George Shaw's cabinet prints.

Cabinet Print  -  Photographer: George Shaw

©  Copyright: For permission to reproduce, please contact

Other Photograph of Shaw's Premises

1.  Shaw's premises in Princes Street can also be seen on a Francis Frith photograph of the West End of Princes Street.  The photograph was taken in 1897 and features a hors-drawn tram and several other horse-drawn vehicles, with "PHOTOGRAPHERS" premises in the background.


This photograph appears on the cover of the Francis Frith book Photographic Memories of Edinburgh and District
[Published in 2000 by Frith Book Co UK, 2000,  ISBN 1 85937 193 0] 

2.  There is an interesting photograph (c1900) in the collection of the Edinburgh Public Library, showing tramcars advertising Maule’s department store passing in front of the store.

Location of Shaw's Premises

143 Princes Street is at the West End of Princes Street.  It is part of the buildings numbered 143-149 which have housed:

? - 1879:  The Osborne Hotel

1880-85:  The Liberal Club

1886-89:   ?

1890-05:   Maule’s department store

THEN:      Patrick Thomson’s department store

THEN:      Binns’ department store.


George Shaw

1881 Census

Peter Nimmo was listed in the 1881 census as:

Photographer:  aged 24

Born:  Edinburgh

Resident:  18 North Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Mother:  Janet S

[DR Torrance]