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George W Simson

William McCraw

Simson & McCraw


Simson & McCraw

Simson & McCraw was a partnership between:

-  George W Simson RSA, a member of the Photographic Society of Scotland from 1856, and

-  William McCraw.  

This partnership appeared in the trade directories for one year only, in 1858.  

However, Simson & McCraw entered photographs in the 2nd Art Manufactures Exhibition, which opened in Edinburgh in December 1857.

The Press reported:

"The portraits of Messrs Simpson & McCraw - a new firm that ought strongly to combine both the artistic and mechanical departments - we need not say more than their portraits on porcelain are the only really new examples of photography in the Exhibition, the likeness being excellent and the general arrangement good" [Evening News:  26 December 1857]

This Report may have been referring to Simson & McCraw's photograph on porcelain entered in the Art Manufactures Exhibition held in Edinburgh in December 1857.  [I must check this.]


The Scotsman, 10 October 1857, page 1




GEORGE SIMPSON, R.S.A., and MR WILLIAM McCRAW, beg to announce the opening of their NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT, where they prosecute the Art in all its Branches.

They intend to direct their attention particularly to P, and hope by the high finish and artistic arrangement of their Pictures to give satisfaction to those who may honour them with their patronage.  They also execute Landscapes, Stereoscopic Views and Groups, Copies of Portraits, &c.

The Advertisers beg to request the attention of their friends to the process lately invented and patented by Mr McCraw, by which Portraits are produced on porcelain and other substances.

Inspection of Specimens invited.



The Scotsman, 28 November 1857, page 1

MESSRS SIMSON & McCRAW beg to intimate that SPECIMENS of the Newly-Invented and Patented Process for producing PHOTOGRPAHIC PORTRAITS on PORCELAIN  may be seen in the Exhibition of Art Manufactures, and at their Galleries, 54 NORTH FREDERICK STREET.



William McCraw

William McCraw continued his photographic business until 1883, moving his premises five times between 1859 and 1883.


George W Simson

George W Simson became Teacher of Drawing from1859.  

He took over the running of the Institute for Drawing & Painting, at 54 Frederick Street from 1862 to 1886, initially with Miss Simson.


The Simson Family

Other members of the Simson family were:

-  George Simson, RSA    Teacher of Drawing  (1820-31)

                       Teacher of Drawing and Painting  (1832-58)

-  William Simson,              Teacher of Drawing  (1820-24) 

-  David Simson,                Teacher of Drawing   (1833-73)


1 Oct 1842

Mr Simson, Member of the Royal Scottish Academy, and Teacher of Drawing in the Scottish Institution, and Naval and Military Academy will resume his CLASSES for the above Branches on Mon 3rd October *

* Duration of each Class - two hours


Further advertisements for George Simson's drawing classes appeared in the press in the 1850s