Ivan Szabo


Ivan Szabo (1822-58)  was a photographer in St Andrews before setting up his studio in Edinburgh in 1857.  During his short life, several of his photos were accepted in early photographic exhibitions, in the late 1850s.

1st PSS Exhibition  -  Dec 1856

Ivan Szabo entered 16 collodion portraits, including one of Sir David Brewster, in 1856 PSS Exhibition.  Press comment on his exhibits was enthusiastic.

Brussels Exhibitions  -  1857

Ivan Szabo went on to win a Gold Medal at the 1857 Brussels Exhibition.

2nd PSS Exhibition  -  Dec 1857

He also entered photographs in the Art Manufactures Association's 2nd Exhibition, which opened in Edinburgh in December 1857.

London Exhibition - Feb 1858

Ivan Szabo's largest entry exhibition appears to have been 26 collodion portraits entered into the London Photographic Society Exhibition of Photographs and Daguerreotypes that opened at South Kensington Museum on 15 February 1858.  These included:

-  2 portraits of Sir David Brewster, one described as having been taken with a Rock-crystal Eye-glass, one inch in diameter, 1/2 inch Stop, 55 seconds exposure.

-  Portrait of D O Hill Esq.

-  Portrait of Horatio Ross Esq.

Details for this exhibition have been taken from Roger Taylor's book
"Photographs Exhibited in Britain 1839-1865".

3rd PSS Exhibition  -  Dec 1858

Two collodion portraits by Ivan Szabo were entered in the 3rd PSS Exhibition, held in December 1858; but before that exhibition opened his death was announced at the PSS at its Meeting on  9 Nov 1858.

Glasgow Exhibition - 1859

The Glasgow Photographic Society Exhibition that opened in the Crystal Palace, 67  Buchanan Street, Glasgow in April 1859.  In this exhibition:

Miss Baillie submitted a portrait of her taken by Ivan Szabo.

-  James Farmer submitted two portraits of the late Ivan Szabo.

Details for this exhibition have been taken from Roger Taylor's book
"Photographs Exhibited in Britain 1839-1865".

Ivan Szabo



Ivan Szabo was born in Transylvania in 1822 and died in Edinburgh in 1858.  Both the photos below are of Ivan Szabo's gravestone at Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh.

Photo 2 below is of Edinburgh Photographic Society President, Edith Smith,  laying flowers on the Szabo's gravestone on behalf of the members of the Fotoclub Targu Mures, Rumania, on February 28, 2012.



The Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh

Ivan Sjabo's Gravestone at The Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Alan Wilson



The Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh

Ivan Szabo's Gravestone at The Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh

©  Sandy Cleland, Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland             Feb 28, 2012



Enlarge this photo

   Ivan Szabo's Gravestone at The Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh ©


Ivan Szabo

Photographs of Talbot

Here are two photos taken by Ivan Szabo of William Henry Fox Talbot pioneer of photography and inventor of the calotype process.

Talbot:  “Hair Down, Collar Up”

 Talbot:   “Hair Up, Collar Down"

Talbot  -  Hair up, Collar down

©  Both photos reproduced from the National Museum of Photography Film, and Television 
by courtesy of the Science and Society Picture Library.   Click here for link to web site.


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