W & A Tarrant

Addresses in Trade Directories

W&A Tarrant described themselves as Photo Dealers & Copyists, at 64 Pitt Street from 1883 to 1885 and at 9 Moncrief Terrace in 1886.  Were they also Photographers during this period?

They moved to Buchanan Street in 1887, describing themselves as Photographers & Portrait Painters. 

The premises at 9 Moncrieff Terrace remained open as Photo Dealers & Copyists until at least 1896.

Addresses on Cartes de Visite

I have two cartes de visite from W&A Tarrant giving the address:

 W& A Tarrant, Bonnington

This may in fact be a reference to one of the studios at Buchanan Street, Pilrig, Edinburgh.