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James Wexelstein

Professional Photographer  -  For how long?

The only information I have relating to James Wexelstein is his entry i n the Kellyís-Slaterís Royal National Directory of Scotland in 1921, as a photographer based at 255 Canongate.

This directory was published only once every seven years.  I have found no reference to him in any of the other contemporary directories.


I would appreciate any further information on this photographer so that I can pass it on to Olivia Wexelstein.


James Wexelstein lived in Edinburgh until his death aged 77 in 1954.  His family do not appear to have inherited any records of his photography.  

[Thanks, Myer, for this further information.  Myer Wexelstein believes that the photographer, James Wexelstein, listed on this web site was probably his father!]