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White & Brewster

1855 Advert



Excelling in all the beauties of the Art and most remarkable for their

beautiful Ivory Character and Exquisite Trueness of Detail are taken daily at




(Above Telegraph Office)

Coloured and Fitted up in any style,

 either in Cases or in Frames and suitable for Presents

Charges Exceedingly Moderate

The scale of prices is the very lowest compatible with

securing faithful Portraits and good and satisfying Pictures  -  viz.

1st size  2s 6d          2d do.  5s            3d do.  7s  6d

Opinions of the Press

Messrs White & Brewster have brought the Photographic Art to great perfection.

  -  Glasgow Chronicle

Their productions are equally striking, lifelike and effective.

  -  Post

We have seen nothing finer in the shape of Photographic Portraits than the specimens Messrs White & Brewster exhibit.  They have a clearness about them, and display in the arrangement an appreciation of artistic effect which could never be expected from mere mechanical photographers.

 -  Scottish Guardian

The photographic portraits of Messrs White & Brewster are more pleasing and far more correct than those usually produced.

  -  Daily Paper

We must admit that we have never seen anything in Photographic Portraits so truly artistic as those by White & Brewster.  They have all the beauty of the finest miniature upon ivory, added to which the correctness of likeness that photography alone can give.  The prices, however, are extremely moderate.

  -  Glasgow Examiner

[Daily Express:  8 Oct 1855, and other dates throughout Oct and Nov 1855]

Despite all the claims in the advert above, White & Brewster appeared in the Edinburgh Trade Directories for one year only - 1855