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Scottish National Exhibition


The Scottish National Exhibition - Edinburgh 1908

William Thyne Postcard  -  The Scottish National Exhibition, 1908

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Scottish National Exhibition  -  1908

The postcard above, published by William Thyne, is a colour sketch of the Scottish National Exhibition held in Edinburgh in 1908.

Another postcard by William Thyne appears further down this page.



Portobello Beach

Post Card - Thyne
Portobello Beach

Post Card - Portobello Beachj - William Thyne

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   Post Card - Portobello Beach - William Thyne

Post Card - Valentine
Portobello Beach

Post Card Views  -  Portobello Beach  -  Valentine

  Valentines of Dundee.

The two Portobello scenes above have been photographed from almost the same position.  In both scenes the beach is crowded. Smoke can be seen from the chimney in the Thyne post card, but not in the Valentine view.


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