Photo Company

5a Annandale Street

Photo 1

Where and when was this photo taken?

Cabinet Print  -  Photo Company, 5a Annandale Street.  Date, place and photographer not known.

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Peter Stubbs


Cabinet Print

The cabinet print above is an unusual, outdoor one.  Does anybody recognise the location or the subject?  The back of the card is blank.  There is a number '123' chalked on the fence, but this may well have no connection with the house number.

I have found no record of this company in the Edinburgh trade directories.  Might it have been the name that John Greenfield gave to his company?  He worked from 5a Annandale Street from 1916 to 1919.

Another Photo

I have only seen two prints from Photo Company of 5a Annandale Street.  Both are cabinet print size and both are views taken on doorsteps.

Here is the other photo.

Photo 2

Where and when was this photo taken?

Cabinet Print  -  Photo Company, 5a Annandale Street  -  Date, place and photographer not known

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Gordon, South Side, Edinburgh
October 8, 2009







Another Cabinet Print

Thank you to Steve for sending me the photo below produced by Photo Company, 5a Annandale Street, Edinburgh.

That's the third photo that I've seen from this company.  All three are of people standing in front doorways.

Here is the photo that Steve sent:

Photo 3

Where and when was this photo taken?

©   Steve:  26 April 2017


Steve wrote:

Another Cabinet Print

"Iím guessing the woman in the photo is a relative who was born in 1839 and died in 1913  and that the building was in Thistle Street, Cowdenbeath (if my guess is correct)

To be honest, I think the woman looks older than 74, perhaps mid-80s - but didnít they all look older back then?

 Steve:  26 April 2017



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