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Please email me if you'd like to  reproduce any words or images on this site, and I'll try to help.

              Thank you.      -  Peter Stubbs

Copyright and  Permission to Reproduce

Many of the images on this web site have a note below them reading:

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce, please contact

1.  Some of these images are my own photos for which I own the copyright.

2.  Others are photographs,  engravings, etc. from my own collection, which are no longer subject to copyright, but for which it is still necessary to seek permission (from me) before making copies from the EdinPhoto web site of any of these items.

3.  Other photos on the web site have other people's names beside the copyright symbol.  For these, I may be able to give  you contact details of the copyright holder so that you can contact them  yourself.

4.  For a few photos, I have not been able to trace the photographer.  I have marked these 'Photographer not known' .  If you can help me to identify who the photographer was for any of these, I would appreciate it, as this might help me to get in touch with the photographer or their family to discuss the copyright of the photo.

Similarly, for the 'Messages on Postcards',  I have not been able to trace the writers.  The copyright may have expired for many of them.  Most of the messages were written around 1903.  However if you do recognise any of these messages and believe that you hold the copyright, please email me so that we can discuss the topic.  Thank you.

I'll try to help!

I do appreciate how time-consuming and frustrating it can be seeking permission to reproduce text and images, so I'll try to help in any cases where I am contacted.


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