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7 Feb 2020

Fungi at Mortonhall, Edinburgh   Thumbnail images

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7 Feb 2020

Fungi at Mortonhall, Edinburgh   Large photos

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15 Jan 2020

The future of EdinPhoto web site

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Thanks for all the emails

Thank you to all who have sent over 100,000 emails to me over the past 20 years.  I have added the content from most of these to the www.edinphoto.org web site.


www.edinphoto.org.uk  -  Less frequent updates

However,  by  2017-18, emails were arriving here faster than I could cope with them, and I reluctantly came to the conclusion in mid-2018 that I would no longer be able to find the time to continue to update the site, except in exceptional circumstances.  I then had a backlog of over 1,000 emails to reply to.  I've now replied to them all, but still cannot find the time to add many updates to the web site.


www.edinphoto.org.uk  Viewing the current site

Despite being unable to add much new material to the site, I intend to ensure that it continues to be available on the Internet, so that people can continue to search and browse its existing content.


www.edinphoto.org.uk  Maybe no more updates

As for the future, updates are likely to be made even less frequently than in recent months, and perhaps not at all if I encounter problems in using my old Microsoft Front Page 2003 program (now well past its 'sell by date') with Windows 10.

I may change from Windows 7 (no longer supported by Microsoft since yesterday) to windows 10 within the next few days.  I still have to make a final decision on this.  There appear to be advantages in remaining on Windows 7 and advantages in moving to Windows 10.


Peter Stubbs:  15 January 2020                             email:   peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk



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