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1.    Atget Photography

The Atget Photography web site covers historical, modern and cultural  fine art photography.  The site has links to photography web sites,  museums and galleries throughout the world.

The site is named after the French photographer, Eugene Atget (1857-1927).

2.    Bonny Scotland

This is a web site created by Carmen Mardiros.
It has photographs and descriptions of several areas of Scotland -  Edinburgh, Stirlingshire, Borders, Lothians and the West Highlands

3.    Dave Henniker  (Views of Edinburgh)  Link updated 2 Oct 2020

Dave Henniker's web site is a valuable resource for photos of Edinburgh, well worth browsing.  The site has 3,000 of Dave's photos, most of Edinburgh, some of other parts of Scotland. 

Please click here to see details of the Edinburgh pictures on Dave's  web site.

Dave's photos include some impressive images of parts of Edinburgh, now vanished.

His home page includes:

    -  an index to photos, by area
    -  a 'search' box for finding individual subjects.

It also gives details of the terms under which his images may be used.

4.    David Parker

A selection of fine art prints and photographs from the davImage web site of David Parker, a new photographer based just outside Edinburgh.

5.    Ed Romney

A selection of photographs from the web site of Ed Romney, New Mexico, including one by EPS Judge, John M Whitehead Hon FRPS

6.    Edinburgh  1950s    NEW LINK

The Flickr web site includes photographs of Edinburgh from the 1950s onwards, taken by Ally McGurk and her farther Thomas M McGurk.

7.    Edinburgh Photographic Society

A selection of photographs by EPS Members.  The selection changes every few months.

8.    Edinburgh 247

Darren Moore's Edinburgh 247 web site includes Edinburgh news and events, together with galleries of pictures that can be sent as email postcards.

Here is a link to some of  my photos that I have added to the Edinburgh 247 site.  Here are some of my old postcards and engravings that may be added to the Edinburgh 247 site in the future.

9.     Edinburgh Marathon

Bryan Milne's web site includes a selection of photos from the Edinburgh Marathon held on 13 June 2004.

10.  Evening News

A selection of historic and modern photographs can be found on the web site of the Edinburgh newspaper, The Evening News

11.  Filling Stations   New link

After seeing some of my photos of old petrol pumps in Scotland, Frank Eye, West Sussex contacted me and told me about a project that he undertook in the winter of 2005-06.

Frank explains that he travelled about England, following routes he once knew, asking people on the way to remember where they used to buy petrol.  He then located and identified the sites and photographed them in their varying states of transformation or neglect.

Frank's black and white photos of the old filling stations are featured on his 444 Former Filling Stations web site, in a travelling exhibition and in a small book.

12.  Flickr   New link

The Flickr web site has images from many contributors, including some views of Edinburgh in the 1950s, added to the site by Ally McGurk

13.    Gallery Tokyo – Japan

A collection of 70 black and white photographs by Tatsuya Sato of Tokyo, Japan.  Also links to several other photographic sites.

14.  Joe Rock  -  Photographer  *

*  Update, Sep 2008:  This web site has been closed.  Joe hopes to replace it by another one later.

This site included a selection of images by the Scottish Photographer, Joe Rock.  These included interior views of architecture at Dalmeny and Parliament Hall, Edinburgh, and views of Greyfriars' graveyard.

It was Joe Rock who printed the images from Begbie's glass plates that appeared in Thomas Begbie’s Edinburgh - a Mid-Victorian Portrait, published 1992.

15.  Kite Aerial Photography

Something different!-  a gallery of photographs taken from a kite by the Edinburgh photogrpaher James Gentles.  This web site includes some award-winning photos together with details of the equipment used and an explanation of how the photos were taken. 

James Gentles is keen to demonstrate how his kite photographs compare with the same subjects taken from high altitude.  If you think that you may be able to help by providing high altitude photos, please email me.   Thank you.

16. Landscapes of Scotland

This site by David W Robertson includes some attractive landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland.  It also has a few  documentary photographs of Glasgow taken in the 1970s.

17.  Magic of Scotland

This site was created by Jean-Marc Becquet of France.
It includes some attractive photographs of Scotland.

18.  Merz Art

This site includes images from an exhibition 'Found', displayed at Leith in June 2006 and featuring photographs by Douglas Jones of footballs found in the Water of Leith, 2004 to 2006.

19.  MonoLandscapes

This site was created by Peter J Clark, a member of Cannock Camera Club, UK.  He is an International Exhibitor, and was one of the 3 judges of the Edinburgh Photographic Society International Exhibition, 2003.

The MonoLandscapes site includes monochrome images from Britain and South-western United States and links to several other photographic sites.

20.  National Portrait Gallery

This site has images indexed both by artist (photographer) and by subject.  The images include a number of photographs by Hill & Adamson and an engraving of the early amateur photographer and Member of the Photographic Society of Scotland, Horatio Ross

21.   Our Town Stories

This web site uses images from Capital Collections, the digital archive of photographs and other images in the collection held by Edinburgh Libraries, Museums and Galleries.

The Our Town Stories web site links many of these images to stories of Edinburgh and to maps of Edinburgh.  It also uses software to show the transition from one image of Edinburgh to another taken several decades later.

The Our Town Stories web site was reviewed in a 2-page spread in the Edinburgh Evening News on February 22, 2013, pp. 16-17.

22.  Pinhole Photography

This is a web site gives advice on pinhole photography, details of workshops, lectures, exhibitions and an International Directory of Pinhole Photographers.

There are over 900 images of pinhole photographs taken by photographers from 35 countries on World Pinhole Photography Day, 28 April 2002.

UPDATE  -  Now, the site has images from 2003 and 2004.  The 2005 World Pinhole Photography Day is to be held on Sunday 24 April 2005.

23.  Photo Friends

This is a new web site that has been created by John Kitsco of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He describes it as a site for fellow photographers.  It provides links to many of the photographic sites that he has found from around the world.

24.  Photo Scotland

Photo Scotland is a recently created web site [at October 2004] designed to enable photographers to display their photographs of Scotland and for travellers and others with an interest in Scotland to view them.

Each photograph is accompanied by a brief description.   In some cases there is a link to a related web site and for each photo there is a very useful link to a map identifying the location of the photograph.

25.  Photography Ten

This web site has been created by 30 year old Edinburgh photographer, Martin W Paul.  It includes a few of his images together with details of the services that his new photography business offers.

26.  Photos of Edinburgh, Portobello and Joppa

Here are several sets of photos of Edinburgh by Lee Kindness including many from his ongoing project, taking a different photo each way going to and from his work in Leith.

I feel that Lee has built up an impressive and valuable  collection of photos through this project and am pleased that he has added them to the Internet.

Recent photographs by Lee also  include some atmospheric images of Warriston Cemetery.

27.  Scotland for Visitors

This web site from Blair Logie has images of Scotland -  castles, landscapes and other photos

There is also a section on the history of Scotland which Blair hopes will grow, with the inclusion of some guest articles.

28. World of Stereo Views

This site by Jenny and Ray Norman now displays over 10,000 stereo views from around the world.

The Scotland section often includes some interesting views of Edinburgh, Keying Edinburgh into the keyword search on the site is likely to lead to several pages that include views of Edinburgh.



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