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1.  Alexa Toolbar and Web Site Stats

The Alexa toolbar is available free from the Amazon group.  The company records the sites visited by the several million users of the Alexa toolbar, then ranks these sites.  Here are the latest.   Here is the Alexa page for edinphoto.  You do not need to download the Alexa Toolbar to view this page.

There are links from this page to other pages that:
-   give more stats for the edinphoto site.
-   give an explanation of the Alexa stats.
-   allow a graph to be created for other web sites.
-   allow the free downloading of the Alexa Toolbar.

2.  FastHosts  -  Web Site Hosting

The company that I use to host this web site is FastHosts.  I have found the company to be good value for money, professional and approachable.  I have had only a few problems with the host, normally associated with the loss of FrontPage Extensions.

3.  Google Search Toolbar

This is a toolbar that can easily be added to your site.  Once you have added it,   from any page on my site (or anybody else's site that you are browsing) you will  be able to easily do a 'word search' for the whole site.

4.  Thomas Brunt's OutFront   -  Web Forum

This is a site with a 'User Forum'.  It is particularly helpful to people like myself, working alone using Microsoft FrontPage to build a web site.  It is encouraging to get feedback and suggestions.

5.  Wikipedia Answers  -  Country Code Extensions

I have found this Answers page from Wikipedia to be particularly useful in helping me to check which countries the visitors to EdinPhoto have (and have not) come from.  The site provides:

-  background to country code extensions based on the ISO 3166 standard.

-  country code extensions currently in use

-  country code extensions reserved for possible future use

-  country code extensions no longer in use

-  links to background information on the countries above.



Web Links

to other web sites

I hope you find these web sites interesting.  However, I can take no responsibility for the content of these web sites.