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1.    40 Maps that will help you Make Sense of the World

Here is a link to a page on the Twisted Sifter web site.  I found the collection of maps on this page to be fascinating.   The source of each map is given below the map.  I hope you will find them interesting.      A NEW LINK

2.    Countries  -  Populations and Internet Use

The Internet World Stats web site brings together population and internet usage stats from a range of other sites.  I have used the Internet World Stats information as a in the pages where I have recorded the breakdown of visitors from each country to the EdinPhoto site

3.    Country Reports  and  CIA World Factbook 2002

These are two sites that give overviews of different countries.  I have uses these sites to compile brief details of some of the smaller and more remote countries that have visited the web site.

4.    Edinburgh Maps - today

For maps of Edinburgh (and elsewhere in Britain) today, please click here to open a window of the Multimap web site.  The Multimap site displays maps to match post-codes that are entered.  It also has links to web-cams in Edinburgh.

5.    Immigrant Ships to the USA

This web site of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild lists passengers on ships from the UK to USA. 

Frederick Davidson was an Edinburgh photographer on one of these ships.  Were there other Edinburgh photographers on other ships?

6.    Internet World Stats

I have used the Internet World Stats web site's list of countries to compile the statistics on this site showing who has visited this site, when, and from where.

Andrew Ellas produced a web site that that grouped countries into regions around the world.  He identified 216 countries and hopes to visit them all.  I used this grouping of countries originally when I recorded the visitors to the EdinPhoto web site.  Andrew's web site now seems to be no longer available at its original address.

7.    Maps of the World

The WorldAtlas web site quotes are about 192 independent nations. My lists, using the internet country codes has about 240 countries.

The WorldAtlas web site includes some useful maps and lots of background details and answers to many questions about  countries around the world.

8.    Maps of the World  -  Historic and more recent

This web site includes the Perry-Castañeda Map Collection at the Library of the Library of the University of Texas in Austin

Many of these maps, like the one here, are not subject to copyright.  The University of Texas site also has links to many other map web sites around the world.

9.    World Populations

I have used this web site to discover the populations of some of the countries:

-  that have visited this EdinPhoto web site in 2003 and later.

-  that have not yet visited this web site.

 I am now using the Internet World Stats web site for this information.



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