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1.  A Louis Reis and Chas L Reis *

This web site gives family history and photographs relating to Alphonse Louis Reis (1860-1940), brother of Charles Lionel Reis, both of whom published postcards of Edinburgh views.

* UPDATE :  Unfortunately, this 'Reis' site seems to be no longer active.
                    Peter Stubbs, August 11, 2013

2.  John Walker Map Cards

This site illustrates several hundred postcards featuring Bartholemew maps, published by John Walker in their Geographical series from 1903 onwards.

These include maps numbered 120 to 125 of Edinburgh.

Thank you to David M Robertson for telling about this new web site.

3.  Judge's Postcards

Here is a Wikipedia page on Judge's Postcards.  It gives historical information about Fred Judge and his postcards.  It refers to the postcard numbering system used by Judges, and ends with a number of references including links to:

-  lists of Judges Postcards

-  list of Postcard Clubs, one  being the Judges Postcard Study Group

4.  Overseas postal rates for sending postcards from UK

I have been asked by somebody attempting to date an old postcard:  "When did the 1d postal rate apply for posting postcards overseas from the UK?"  The answer is "1891 to 1920."

I found this info. and other info about the history of overseas postal rates for postcards sent from the UK on this page of the Great Britain Philatelic Society web site.

5.  Postcards of the Forth Bridge

This page by Dr Scott Arthur is part of the School of the Built Environment web site belonging to Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.  Scott Arthur's page includes a brief commentary on the history of the Forth Rail Bridge, together with 44 postcards of the bridge.

The site also has postcards of other bridges, including the Forth Road Bridge and the Tay Bridge, both in Scotland.

6.  Postcard Stamp Boxes

On searching the web, I was surprised just how much information I found on stamp boxes - the small boxes printed in the corner of 'Real Photo' postcards.

Most of the sites with the 'stamp box' information are in the USA.  The Playle's Online Auctions  Playle's Online Auction web site illustrates almost 300 different stamp boxes.

7.  Raphael Tuck Postcards

For the past few years, I have referred to the book 'Picture Postcards of Raphael Tuck & Sons' (edited by JHD Smith) as my source of information on Raphael Tuck postcards.

However, there is now a new web site devoted to Raphael Tuck.  It includes illustrations of almost all the postcards that Raphael Tuck produced.

Thank you to David M Robertson for telling about this new web site.

8.  Talk Porty

The Talk Porty web site includes a forum on Portobello local history and also many postcards of Portobello, most taken from the the collection of Margeorie Mekie, Portobello

9.  Wishart - Family Photograph Album

Scott Alexander Wishart's web site provides:

-  photos of members of his family, from early 1900s, including:

-  4 photographs from the studio of J Campbell Harper. Leith

-  2 photographs from Paterson's Burgh Studio, Leith.

-  photos from the war album of his Grandfather who was a Sergeant in 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron RAF.



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