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Edinburgh Aero Club   - founded 1928

Approaching Edinburgh Airport  1960a

Approaching Edinburgh Airport  2005

Approaching Edinburgh Airport  2009

Edinburgh Aero Club


RAF Display at the Meadows

Turnhouse Open Day  c1954


Field Gun and army truck outside Greyfriars' Bobby's Bar for the ceremony to Greyfriars' BObby in Greyfriars' Churchyard

Gun Tractor and Gun


Balloons at Marine Gardens, Portobello  -  July 26, 1913

Marine Gardens, Portobello

Barrow Box

Photo of a barrow box and 4 children, taken around 1933.  Where might this photo have been taken?

Where is it?


Leith Fishing Boats, including LH28  -  Where?

Forth Ports Pilots' boat leaving Granton Harbour

Boats at Newhaven Harbour

Forth Ports Pilots' Boat

Other Boats

Union Canal

Buses  [old]

Char-a-Banc at Dunsapie Loch in Holyrood Park  -  close-up


Bus & Tram Tickets

Coach Outings

Early Buses

Edinburgh Buses  1950s

Edinburgh Buses  1960s

Edinburgh Buses  1970s to 2000

Gas-powered buses

Lathalmond Scottish Vintage Bus Museum

Lothian Buses  restored

SMT Buses:  1940s

Transport Depots

Buses  [recent]

Bus 726 with route branding for Route 44 in Princes Street  -  November 2005

Bus Depots

Bus Station - St Andrew Square

Lothian Buses - 2000-03

Lothian Buses  - 2004

Lothian Buses  - 2005

Lothian Buses  - 2006

Lothian Buses  - 2007

Lothian Buses  - 2009

Lothian Buses  - 2011

Lothian Buses  - 2012-13  Grotto Bus

Lothian Buses  - Adverts on Buses

Lothian Buses  - Bus Garages + Works

Lothian Buses  - Bus Termini

Lothian Buses  - Converted

Lothian Buses  - Bus Liveries

Lothian Buses  - Restored

Lothian Buses  - Tour Buses


Raft Race on the Union Canal - June 27, 2009

Raft Race


1938 SS100, as new

Robert Devlin in the driving seat of his father's Daimler

Old Car parked outsideThe St Stephen's Motor & Cycle Depot, 10 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge

Traffic Surveys at Corstorphine, 1931

Boys' Brigade

Car Dealers

Cars 1900s

Cars 1920s

Cars 1930s and motorcycle

Cars 1950s

Cars 1960s

Cars 1970s

Cars 2000s

Cars and Shops

Citroen 2CVs

Decorated Cars

'Do you Know? - Motor Cars' book

Devlin's Daimler

Edinburgh Transport Dept


Hudson Terraplane

Ingliston motor racing

John Menzies' Car + Chauffeur

Lunn's Removals

Madelvic Car Factory

Motor Shows

Old Car - what make?  Straker Squire

Showrooms and Garages

Traffic Survey Corstorphine 1931 + 2011

Caravans Caravan "'which can be towed at up to 100mph" at the Ideal Holiday Show at Waverley Market - 1959 

Holiday Shows  at Waverley Market


Urban Downhill Cycling Event  -  Edinburgh -  October 6, 2007

Bisto Square

Cycle Speedway Tracks

Downhill Urban Cycle Race

Fell & Mathieson Plumber's Bike

Old cycles



Postcard  -  Horses embarking at Granton Harbour for manoeuvres

Inchcolm Ferry

Granton Ferry

Queensferry Passage

Rosyth - Zeebrugge Ferry

Fire Engines

Fire Engine parked outside the former Ritz Cinema, Rodney Street, Canonmills

Fire Stations

Fire Engines

Recent Photos


Horse-drawn vehicles



St Cuthbert's Milk Deliveries  -  January 1985

Acme Farms Dairy

Broxburn - D Drysdale, Baker

Bruntsfield? - horse + carriage

Carriage Pass for Granton Road



Comiston Dairy

Gorgie - horse and dust cart

Funeral Procession

Horse Trams

Portobello baker


Riding of the Marches  2009

Scotmid Milk Deliveries

St Cuthbert's Fleshing Dept Cart

St Cuthbert's Grocery Cart


Hovercraft approaching Portobello, during the second day of trials for the Portobello-Kirkcaldy service  -  July 17, 2007

Portobello - Kirkcaldy trials



Bruce Peebles Transformer being delivered to Portobello Power Station, 1952

The City Cars  -  probably in the 1920s

St Cuthbert's Cooperative Association Ltd delivery van  -  Registration No SC 4860

Lunn's Removal Vans  -1920s?



Austin Van

Beveridge Mobile Grocery Van

Bruce Peebles' transformers

Buttercup Dairy Co


Coal Deliveries

Duncan's Albion Van

Edinburgh Parcels Van

Edinburgh Transport Dept

Esparto Grass from Granton

Fish deliveries

Flour delivery


Grampian TV vehicles


Grocery Deliveries

Ice Cream Vans

Heavy Loads


John H Lunn  Removal vans

Leith Pageant  1960s

Madelvic Car Factory

New Lorries

Pentland Garage


Small Vans

Snow Ploughs

St Cuthbert's Coop  delivery vans

Tizer Lorry

Tow Trucks


Motor Cycles Waverley Carnival, Wall of Death - 1958

Shows  at Waverley Market


Field Gun and army truck outside Greyfriars' Bobby's Bar for the ceremony to Greyfriars' BObby in Greyfriars' Churchyard

Royal Navy Medical Transport


Pedestrians crossing Chambers Street heading towards the National Museum of Scotland



Where is it  -  Photograph of a railway line and a pram.  Possibly Newhaven or Granton

Granton Harbour

Keddie Gardens


A North British Railways train passes through Princes Street Gardens towards Edinburgh Waverley Station

A Fish Train crosses the Forth Bridge  -  1950s

Railways - Index to pages

Railway Tickets

Railways - Central Edinburgh

Railways - North Edinburgh

Railways - South Edinburgh

Railways - SW Edinburgh

Railways - West Edinburgh

Railways - East Edinburgh

Railways - Forth Bridge

Railways - Leith

Railways - East Lothian

Railways - Midlothian

Railways - West Lothian

Railways - Around Edinburgh 1950s

Railways - 1950s - DMUs

Railways - Where is it?

Railway Accidents

Railway Equipment

Scottish Railway Stations - from 1990s


Roundabout at Burntisland - Probably 1950s  -  'Shop at Binns'

Bus - Shop at Binns


'The Skylark' at Portobello Beach

'Fair Maid' - Leith

Queen Mary 2

Sailing around Queensferry

'The Skylark' - Portobello

'The Waverley' and 'Balmoral'


Leith Docks  -  Photograph in Edinburgh Official Guide, 1923

Boat Yards and Ship Yards

Devlin Trawlers

Forth Bridge - Cruise Liners

Forth Bridge - Queensferry Passage

Granton Ferry

Granton Harbour

Granton to London

HMS Edinburgh

Leith Docks

Leith Harbour

Leith Ship Launch  - MV Kaitoa

Steam Barge - Where was it built?

Tug - Medusa

Steam Transport

on the roads

Steam Rolle rin Edinburgh, 1960s

Steam Buses

Steam Passenger Road Transport

Steam Rollers

Traction Engines


Edinburgh Taxi Trde Children's Outing, 2012  -  Taxi decorated as Thomas the Tank Engine + Bear

Taxi Trade Children's Outing, 2012


Princes Street  -  1917  -  Electric and Cable Cars

Old Trams (to 1956)

Cable Car 226

Decorated Trams

Illuminated Trams

Trams in Central Edinburgh

Trams around Edinburgh

Horse Tramcars

First and Last Trams

Tramway Maintenance

Tramway to Redford

Transport Depots

Trams Preserved

New Trams (from around 2013)

Tram News

Tram Posters

Trams - Princes Street preparations

Tram Testing - at night - Dec 2013

Tram Testing - Daytime - Feb-May 2014

Trams in Service - June 2014 onwards


Edinburgh Taxi Trde Children's Outing, 2012  -  Taxi decorated as Thomas the Tank Engine + Bear

Granton Harbour

Lift-out - Oct 27, 2007

Lift-in   - Apr 5, 2008

Lift-in   - Apr 6, 2013

Other Transport


Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Procession  -  What are these vehicles, and when might the photo have been taken?

Edinburgh Corporation Vehicles

South Pole Sno-Cat

Post Office Vehicles

Studio Portraits

Portrait of three in a studio car.  Who was the photographer?

Post card portrait - 4 ladies in an 'aeroplane' - similar to a photograph from the studio of Chris Low 

Transport in Studio Portraits


Edinburgh Transport







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Edinburgh Transport Maps and Timetables

Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department  -  Map of Tram and Bus Routes  -  1924

All Transport Maps

Railways:  from 1831

Railways: early 1900s

Trams + Buses:  1924

Trams + Buses:  1928

Trams + Buses:  1932

Roads and Railways:  1884

Saughton Exhibition: 1908

Timetables:  1960

1920 Route Map
(Edinburgh & Leith)

1950 Route Map (Edinburgh) Index +Sources

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1920 Tram Route Map (Edinburgh & Leith)

1950 Tram Route Map (Edinburgh)


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