Launch of

MV Kaitoa


Henry Robb's Yard

February 1956

Launch of MV Kaitoa from Henry Robb's Yard at Leith Docks in February 1956

  Reproduced by courtesy of Evening News.   Click here for web site details.


Launch of MV Kaitoa

Thank you to David Malcolm for sending me the photograph above.

David wrote:


"MV Kaitoa, launched at Henry Robb's Yard, Leith in February 1956, was one of a number of ships built by Robbs for the Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand."

'Ocean Terminal' shopping and entertainment complex now stands where Henry Robb's shipbuilding yard once stood, on the eastern side of Leith's Western Harbour.

To New Zealand

"MV Kaitoa underwent sea trials on 8 May 1956 and sailed from Leith on 10 May 1956 bound for New Zealand via London where it picked up a cargo of bagged cement.

I joined the ship as 3rd Officer in April while it was being fitted out prior to hand-over.  After arrival in NZ I continued serving on board for a number of months while the ship was engaged in the Trans-Tasman trade."

Acknowledgement:  David Malcolm, North Island, New Zealand:  April 10, 2009



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