Two miles to the north of the centre of Edinburgh.

Leith and Edinburgh amalgamated in 1920.

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Leith - Early Pictures

Engravings, Photos, Postcards, including some

Leith - Early and Recent Pictures

Leith Dockers' Demonstration  -  The Shore, Leith, 1913

Leith - Recent Pictures

Photos, Paintings

Lamb's House, Leith  -  Photograph taken November 2005

Leith Docks and Harbour

Postcards and photographs

The Piers, Leith  -  A Valentine Postcard, photographed 1902

Merchant Navy Memorial

Photos 2010

Merchant Navy Memorial, The Shore, Tower Place -  November 2010

Leith Walk

Postcards, Photos

W R & S Ltd  -  Photograph from the earl-1900s  -  Foot of The Walk, Leith

The Shore

Paintings, Postcards, Photos

The Shore, Leith  -  Photograph taken November 2005

Scottish Government Office


The Scottish Executive Office, Victoria Quay, Leith Docks

Water of Leith


Looking up the Water of Leith from Sandport Place Bridge, towards Bernard Street Bridge, Leith  -  October 2005

Leith History  -  dates

Development of Leith Docks

Leith Recollections


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