Burntisland Roundabout

Around 1965

Roundabout at Burntisland with a bus advertising
 'Shop at Binns - Edinburgh'

Roundabout at Burntisland with a bus advertising 'Shop at Binns - Edinburgh'  -  around 1965

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Douglas Roberts, New Town, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Transport



from 1950s




Douglas Bryce

Pilton, Edinburgh

Thank you to Dougie Bryce who wrote:

Photos from Douglas Roberts

"I've just returned from holiday.  What a nice surprise it was to see young Dougie on his bike."

Douglas Roberts on his Tricycle in his Garden at Pilton Avenue  -  Around 1956

"It was an even bigger surprise to see my nephew, Gavin Kirkwood, on the  photo of the roundabout with the 'Shop at Binns' bus."

Roundabout at Burntisland - Around 1965 -  'Shop at Binns'

Douglas Bryce, Pilton, Edinburgh:  September 2, 2014




John E Kirkwood

Livingston Village, West Lothian, Scotland

John E Kirkwood has already contacted me several times over the past three years, telling me about the Mini-Reunions that he has been organizing for some of his former classmates at Boroughmuir School.

I was surprised to hear from him again in connection with this photo.

John wrote

Gavin Kirkwood

On the Roundabout

"It was interesting to see that one of your former work mates, Douglas Roberts, has posted as 'Auld Tyme Fotie' of my eldest son, Gavin.

Roundabout at Burntisland - Around 1965 -  'Shop at Binns'

He is the wee boy sitting in the car on the Burntisland roundabout in front of the Binns Model Bus.  He must have been around 2-3 years of age at the time.  The photo would have been taken summer 1965ish.

Douglas Roberts' sister is an old time friend of my wife.  They still keep in touch with each other.  That's how the photo will have been acquired by Douglas."

John E Kirkwood, Livingston Village, West Lothian, Scotland:  September 9, 2014