Beside the Firth of Forth

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Bathing Pool

Photographs and Postcards

Portobello Bathing Pool  -  Valentine Postcard

Beach and Sea

Photographs and Postcards

Post Card  -  Portobello Beach  -  by Valentine - coloured

Castle + Tower

Stereo views

A stereo view by an unidentified photographer  -  Portobello Castle 


Old photos

Photograph by William Kyles  -  Portobello Free Church

Figgate Pond

Recent photos

 Figgate Pond, Portobello - September 2009


Old photos

Portobello Funfair - 1930s

Golden Days Festival

June 2003

Portobello Golden Days Festival  -  14 June 2003  -  Tee -shirt


Cook's Balmoral Hotel, Portobello


July 2007

Passengers boarding the hovercraft at Portobello Portobello, during the second day of trials for the Portobello-Kirkcaldy service  -  July 17, 2007


Bakers, Pottery

A W Buchan & Co  -  Waverley Pottery  -  Portobello  -  Warehouse, 1923


 1925 map of Portobello, including the site of Marine Gardens at the top of this map

Edinburgh and Leith map, 1925  -  Porobello section

Marine Gardens

Created 1909, using exhibits from

Scottish National Exhibition 1908

J S & S, Edinburgh  -  Portobello Marine Gardens

Pier and Sea

Photographs and Postcards

Pier: built 1871:  demolished 1917

Valentine Postcard of Portobello Pier -  Pastel Shades

Park and Golf Course

Under thereat of development

Photographs 2007

Portobello Golf Coruse  -  Trees and Shadows  -  October 2007

Promenade, Sands and Sea

including 'Portobello & Joppa

Photos and Postcards

Postcard view by Valentine  -  A Rough Sea, Portobello Promenade  -  84394


including Bath Street, High Street, King's Road

High Street, Portobello - Valentine Postcard, 1901 photograph


United Gas Works, Portobello Station

Edinburgh Railways  -  Portobello United Glass Bottle Works  -  1959



"It Always Seemed to be Sunny"

Photograph on Portobello Beach, taken during the filming of the video:  "Memories of Portobello - It always seemed to be sunny"

 Victorian Dress

Recreating Portobello in Victorian Times

June 2006

Recreating Portobello in Victorian Times  -  June 3, 2006

Around Portobello

Friggate Pond

Figgate Pond, Portobello  -  July 2008

Where is it?

Cabinet Print by Portobello photographer,

William Halkett

A cabinet print by William Halkett, Portobello  -  Where was this photograph taken?


Portobello  early 1900s

Portobello  1930s-50s

Portobello  from 1950s

Portobello Hotels early 1900s


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