Edinburgh Photographic Society


The Edinburgh Photographic Society season runs from around September until April each year.  The society has a studio, darkroom, exhibition space and a library.

A Members' Exhibition of photographs is held each April and an International  Exhibition of photographs held at 68 Great King Street, each August, during the Edinburgh Festival.

Throughout the season there are meetings most Monday and Wednesday evenings and some other evenings, all at the club's premises, 68 Great King Street, about half a mile to the north of Princes Street.

The society produces an annual syllabus and there is an EPS web site, both of which give fuller details of the society's meetings, competitions and other events.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  21 April 2019


Where is EPS?

Follow the red route up the map, from National Gallery Legend 5  -  The Royal Scottish Academy  to EPS Legend 1  -  EPS Prremises (since 1954) at 68 Great King Street

Note:  The symbols on the map are links.  See the Key below for further details.

Map showing the route to Edinburgh Photographic Society

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce, please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk

The map above is engraved by W&AK Johnston.  It appeared in the 1860 Post Office Directory.  Despite the age of the map, which is one year older than Edinburgh Photographic Society, it can still be used today.




Key to the Map

Legend 1  -  EPS Premises (since 1954) at 68 Great King Street  =  Edinburgh Photographic Society (1954 to today)

Legend 2  -  EPS Premises(1892 to 1925) at 38 North Castle Street  =  Edinburgh Photographic Society (1892 to1925)

Legend 3  Engraving of St ANdrew's Church in George Street  =  St Andrew's Church, George Street

Legend 4  -  The West End of Princes Street in 1902  =  West End of Princes Street

Legend 5  -  The Royal Scottish Academy  =  The Royal Scottish Academy, Foot of the Mound, Princes Street

Legend 6  -  The Scott Monument  =  The Scott Monument, East Princes Street Gardens

Legend 7  -  Princes Street Gardens  =  West Princes Street Gardens




The EPS premises at 68 Great King Street include lecture hall and library, together with studio, monochrome darkroom and colour darkroom, open top Members throughout the year.

Edinburgh Photographic Society  -  Premises as 68 Great King Street

Many of today's activities at EPS have a long history.  Please click on any of the links below to read more about this history:


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