Many of the views that were photographed from 1840 onwards had been the subject of earlier drawings, paintings and engravings.

In some cases there has been very little change in the scene from the time of the early engraving until now.

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Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  Calton Hill and North Bridge

Modern Athens

published in 1829

Engragving  -  A view from Calton Hill, with links to other engravings

Modern Athens - with key

A view from Calton Hill with links to other engravings.

Engravings  -  Around Edinburgh

Old & New Edinburgh

published around 1890.

Engravings  -  Portraits

Other Engravings

Most of these engravings have been published in books; some were published individually.



Engravers and Engraving


Modern Athens - 1829

Old & New Edinburgh - 1890

Other engravings

Early engravers

More recent engravers

Engravings and Engravers

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Etchers etc


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