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Mezzotint Engraving

David Martin (portrait painter, b. Anstruther, later settled in Edinburgh, 1737-98)
was the first Scottish engraver to practice mezzotint.

William Walker (b. Edinburgh, 1791;  d. London 1867) 
is highly regarded for his mezzotint and stipple portraits, including:

- Burns after Naysmith
- Scott after Raeburn and
- Raeburn after himself.

He worked in London from 1815 for four years, then again from 1832.

Thomas Hodgetts was a mezzotint portrait engraver (at least 1808-37).  
RM Hodgetts, his son, worked with him as historical and portrait  engravers at Canonmills Cottage in 1837.

-   William Bonnar RSA ( 1800-1853) and his brother
Thomas Bonnar (1810-1873)  
were both engaged in their father's house painting business. 
Both became mezzotint portrait engravers.

-   James Faed ( b. Kirkcudbrightshire 1821;  d. Edinburgh 1911) mezzotint engraver, worked from London and Edinburgh.  He was also a painter, and brother of the painters John and Thomas Faed.

He produced 133 mezzotints from 1849 until1898, including:

The Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Portland

The Duke of Buccleuch



Alexander Hay worked 150 High Street then 4 North Bridge, and
Edward Burton of Colinton producing small mezzotint portraits.

[Main sources:  Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, Vol 9John C Guy  +  Prints & Printmaking, Raymond Lister




-   Alexander Runciman (1736-85) and 
John Runciman
were brothers, born in Edinburgh.  Both were artists and etchers.

John Kay (1742-1846)  
etched nearly 900 plates of Edinburgh public characters, 366 of which were published with biographical sketches in two volumes in 1837.

-   Hugh William Williams  (b. at sea 1773; d. Edinburgh 1829)  
was known as 'Grecian Williams".  He produced Grecian landscape etchings. 

Charles Kirkpatrick Sharp (musician and artist, 1781-1851)  
produced etchings published by Blackwood.

Patrick Gibson (landscape painter, 1782-1830  -  also reported as b.1762 Edinburgh;  d.1829 Dollar)
while living at 23 Dundas Street in 1818, published six etchings entitled Select Views in Edinburgh.  He was also a painter, and latterly a teacher at Dollar.

Sir David Wilkie (b. Fife 1785-1841) and 
Andrew Geddes
(b. Edinburgh 1783;  d. London 1844)  
both spent time in London and Edinburgh.  
Their etchings are highly regarded.

OH Theodore Leyde  (b. Wehlau 1835;  d. Edinburgh 1897) was a German national who moved to Edinburgh in 1854.  He was an etcher and lithographer.  He became librarian of the Royal Scottish Academy.

-   John Petrie RA HRSA (1839-93)
John MacWhirter
(b. Edinburgh 1839;  d. Edinburgh 1911) and 
William B Hole
were artists who produced etchings.

James Naysmith (b. Edinburgh 1808;  d. London 1890) was an amateur etcher and painter.  He was the son of the portrait and landscape painter Alexander Naysmith (1758 - 1840).

-   David Somerville  (fl. Edinburgh 1798-1825) was a line engraver and lithographer.  Was he related to the etcher and painter
Andrew Somerville RSA (b. Edinburgh 1808;  d. Edinburgh 1834)?

John Smart  ( b. Leith 1838,  d. Leith 1899) was an Edinburgh etcher and painter of highland scenery.  He was son of a lithographer.

-   John Straton Ferrier  (b. Edinburgh;  fl. 1870s-80s;  d. Edinburgh 1912) was a marine etcher.  He was son of the landscape painter, James Ferrier.

-   Robert Paterson  (fl. London and Edinburgh 1870s-80s) was a religious, landscape and historical etcher.

[Main sources:  Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, Vol 9John C Guy  +  Prints & Printmaking, Raymond Lister




-   William Daniels was not based in Edinburgh, but he passes through the City on his voyage around Great Britain.  He began in Cornwall in 1814 and ended in Cornwall in 1925. 

He produced 300 coloured aquatints of his travels.  These included five views of Edinburgh and Leith:

198:  Distant view of Edinburgh  ... ...

199:  Edinburgh from the Castle

200:  Edinburgh with part of the North Bridge and Castle

201:  Edinburgh from Calton Hill

202:  Leith




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