Portobello's early industry included:

-  Brick and tile works  The open air swimming pool (now demolished) was built on the site of the old brickworks.

Potteries  Buchan's Pottery was based at Portobello from 1867 until it moved to Crieff in 1972. Two of the tree old kilns from the pottery still stand beside the funfair.

-  Clay pits

-  Soap factory

-  Glass bottle works.

-  Power station.  This was a prominent landmark at the junction of King's Road and Portobello High Street.  It was opened in 1923, then enlarged and a distinctive tall chimney added in 1930.  The power station has now been demolished.

Joppa, adjoining of Portobello to the east, had:

-  Coal mines

-  Salt pans


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