From the mid-nineteenth century, Portobello became accessible, when the horse drawn coaches and omnibuses were joined by cheaper transport:

Cable Cars

J M Postcard  -  Caledonia Series  -  King's Road, Portobello

- 1846:  railway station opened (on the Edinburgh - London line)

- 1875:  horse drawn trams (Edinburgh to Portobello)

- 1897:  horse drawn trams (Edinburgh to Joppa)

- 1902:  cable cars (Edinburgh to Joppa)

- 1904:  electric trams (Musselburgh to Joppa - change at Joppa for Portobello)

- 1923:  electric trams (Edinburgh to Levenhall and Port Seton)

- 1956:  motor buses

There were also experiments with a steam-driven bus in 1871, and steam-trams in the 1870s and 1880s, but these were unsuccessful.


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