Figgate Pond

about half a mile SW of the centre of Portobello

Figgate Pond -  July 2008

Figgate Pond, Portobello  -  July 2008

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith), France                                 Photograph taken: July 2008




Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith)


Thank you to Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith) now living in France, for allowing me to reproduce this photograph taken when she visited Edinburgh in July 2008.

Mary wrote:

The Figgy

"This photo is of Figgate Pond, or 'the Figgy' as we used to know it 40 odd years ago. You can  see  Arthur’s Seat in the background.

The pond is  down behind St. John’s school in Portobello.  We often used to go there after school. I remember one year when the pond was frozen, kids used to skate on it and a boy fell through the ice. One of my brothers and his pal  were luckily there to fish him out.

I hope this photo will bring back nice memories."

Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith), France:  October 6, 2008




George Renton

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to George Renton who wrote:

The Figgy

"Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith) wrote about the Figgy (recollections 1 above).   I think I went to Saint John's school, Portobello, with her brother, Desmond Monteith"

George Renton, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada:  December 15, 2008




Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith)


Thank you to Mary Frances Merlin for leaving a message in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Mary wrote:

The Figgy

"I've just noticed a comment from George Renton (2 above).  George thinks he may have known one of my brothers there but though I have 5 brothers, none is called Desmond.   Peter, Michael and Gerald went to St John's school, Portobello."

Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith), France: Message left in EdinPhoto guest book: Jan 4, 2009



Ronnie Bunting

Joppa, Edinburgh

Thank you to Ronnie Bunting for posting a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook in response to Mary Frances Merlin's comments in Recollections 3 above.

Ronnie wrote:

Our Gym Period

"I also remember the Figgy Pond. While at Portobello Secondary we used to go through the park and past the pond sometimes for our gym period, when we all had to run (the girls in their navy knickers at times).

We entered  the park up the street by St John's school and exited at the far end gate, then turned left, back towards the school.

We sometimes chose the park when we were skiving lessons as it wasn't far to get back to the school if we wanted to.

Teachers back then didn't seem to notice we were not in class!!!"

Ronnie Bunting, Joppa, Edinburgh:  Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, April 27, 2012


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