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Traction Engines



Early 1900s

Road Train towed by a traction engine at Eskbank, around 1906-07


Traction Engine and train - Eskbank

Traction engine at Eskbank, around 1906-07


Traction Engine - Eskbank

Transformer delivery from Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh

Early 1900s

Traction Engine towing a transformer

from Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh







Steam Tractor

Built c1907

ex-Edinburgh Corporation Aveling & Barford steam tractor

In use:  1953

ex-Edinburgh Corporation Aveling & Barford steam tractor

Restored:  early- 2000s




Chris Rhodes

Chris Rhodes wrote:

"We own a 1912 Burrell traction engine, Reg No SG 6600.  It was new in July 1912 to T & R Davidson, Gorgie, Liberton in Edinburgh Can you tell me who to contact to find out more on this company, and the two steam engines they owned?

Our engine will be 100 years old in 2012 and we thought of bringing it back where she worked in 1912, if we could locate the original owners address."

Chris Rhodes:  March 2, 2009


If you can help to answer the question above, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Chris.

Thank you.       -  Peter Stubbs:  March 2,  2009



Ron Dawe

Rainham, Kent, England

Thank you to Ron Dawe whose hobby is identifying and researching old traction engines and collecting photos of Burrell traction engines, for giving me more information about the engine that Chris Rhodes asked about above.

Ron wrote

Burrell Traction Engine

Reg No. SG6600

"This is a single-crank 6hp compound engine, No.3385, with 6 inch and 10 inch cylinders.

The engine was new on July 17, 1912. 

It was originally named 'Dani Dinmont', and was sold:

to T & R Davidson, Gorgie, Edinburgh  then

-  to Michael Charles MacGregor, Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland  then

-  to J Miller, Doune, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

-  August 1952, to F Forrest, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

-  1961, to James Houston, Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

-  1974, to FR Knight & Sons, Market Oston (?), later Burningham on the Hill (?).

-  1989 to David K Plant, Wiltshire.

-  1990 to William Day, Great Tong, Kent.

-  1990 to Harry ????, Arlscroft (?) and re-named 'Broch'.

-  1993 to John Pennington, Durham.  John was  a farmer, but was gored by his own bull, so the traction engine had to be sold again

-  to Eric Castleford, who named it 'The Governor'.

There have also, no doubt , been other owners of this engine in recent years."

Ron Dawe, Rainham, Kent, England:  Telephone calls, July 30, 2011


Steam Rollers

   Steam Rolle rin Edinburgh, 1960s


Traction Engines and Steam Rollers

More Photos?

If you know of any more photos of steam rollers or traction engines in or around Edinburgh, please e-mail me    Thank you.

- Peter Stubbs:  February 27, 2007