Early Photography


Photographic Exhibitions

Transport developed rapidly in the early days of photography.

This was an era when stage coaches and canal boats were being replaced by a network of railways throughout Britain.

Railways enabled the Photogrpahic Society of Scotland, in the 1850s to receive entries in its Photographic Exhibitions from throughout Britain and abroad.

Letter enclosing entry to 1876 EPS Exhibition


Photographic Outings

From 1861 onwards, Edinburgh Photographic Society  arranged Photographic Outings, travelling by rail, wagonette, coach, and barge.

Tickets for EPS 1881 Outing to Gosford Tickets for EPS 1883 Outing to ALmond Dell



Early Street Scenes

Princes Street  -  Looking to the east at Waverley  -  Horfse Tram

Some of the buildings in Edinburgh have changed little over the years.  However, examining the transport on the streets can often give a fairly precise date of when a photograph was taken, as well as giving a particular character to scene.

Princes Street:

  Princes Street - View from the Scott Monument of a "tram jamb" in the early 1950s

-  Horse-drawn trams ran 1871-1907

-  Cable cars ran 1899-1922

-  Electric trams ran 1922-1956


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