The Forth Bridge


The Forth Bridge


Official Opening of the Forth Bridge - 1890

Early Photos

The Forth Bridges  -  Forth Rail Bridge, Early Photos

Stereo Photos

The Forth Bridges  -  Stereo photos of the Forth Rail Bridge


Post cards of the Forth Rail Bridge



The Forth Bridges  -  Forth Rail Bridge, 1960s


1990s onwards

The Forth Bridge - Photos, 1990s

Millennium Clock


Forth Bridge - Millennium Clock

Painting the Bridge


Forth Rail Bridge

Painting the Bridge


Worker on the Forth Rail Bridge

Steam Train


Steam Train Excursion over the Forth Rail Bridge  -  May 2008

Recent Paintings

The Forth Bridges  -  Recent Paintings

Panoramic Photo

Panoramic Photograph of the Forth Bridges


The Forth Bridges

The Forth Bridge (opened 1890) and Forth Road Bridge (opened 1964)  carry the railway and road respectively across the Firth of Forth at Queensferry,  about 10 miles to the west of the centre of Edinburgh.  See:

Forth Rail Bridge:  History and Memorial

Forth Road Bridge:  Photos

A new road bridge, The Queensferry Crossing is currently being built and is due to open in 2016.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 11, 2014



Firth of Forth

More Photos

The Forth Rail Bridge and ferry at South Queensferry

Early views + ferries

Granton Breakwater  -  8 September 2002


The Forth Rail Bridge - Thumbnail images

The Forth Bridges

Queensferry Passage

List of ferry boats
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Granton Ferry

List of ferry boats
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Early Descriptions


Firth of Forth

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Forth Road Bridge