Granton Breakwater


High Tide

Granton Breakwater  -  8 September 2002

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                        Photograph taken at 2.00pm, 8 September 2002

Granton Breakwater

Here is the Eastern Breakwater of Granton Harbour.

Granton Harbour was built by the Duke of Buccleuch and opened by Queen Victoria in June 1838.

The Central Pier of the harbour is 1700 ft long with a breadth of from 18 to 160 ft. 

The Western and Eastern breakwaters are each over 3,000 ft long.

The Western Harbour was once used by many fishing boats and commercial shipping but has been partially reclaimed.

The Eastern Harbour is still used by yachts from the Royal Forth Yacht Club which.  Until around 1980, the Royal Forth Yacht Club started its races from the white box on the Eastern Breakwater, seen in the foreground of this photo.  Now the Eastern Breakwater is used by fishermen, fishing by line.


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