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An exhibit at Corstorphine Trust Museum, Corstorphine Heritage Centre


Corstorphine Heritage Trust Museum  -  Fell & Mathieson Cycle

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                          Photograph taken March 22, 2011


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    Corstorphine Heritage Trust Museum  -  Fell & Mathieson Cycle


Corstorphine Heritage Trust Museum

Fell & Mathieson Bike

I first heard about this bike was when Jim Thomson emailed me from Australia in April 2008, telling me about the time when he worked for Fell & Mathieson, plumbers at Corstorphine.  This was followed up by two other recollections, these from Ian Thomson, also now living in Australia.


Jim Thomson wrote:

Fell & Mathiesion

"I served my apprenticeship  as a young  tradesman, with Fell & Mathiesion (Plumbers),  St Johns Road, Corstorphine.

I often  think of my early days as a plumber in Corstorphine  and  my boss with his  push bike loaded with tools, putty  paint, etc,  I can assure you I was well trained  by Dave Fell  and it has stood me in good stead all my life.

I am  now 80  and still active  with my photography."

Jim Thomson, April 19, 2008:  Australia


Ian Thomson wrote from

Fell & Mathiesion

I met Bill Mathieson in the 1990s at the Corstorphine Trust, when it met in Dr Cormack's house.  He would have been in his 80s then and had retired to a cottage in Manse Road.

Also in the trust was a Fell & Mathieson bike, used by the plumbers as a means of travel to the jobs.  Many a day we cycled to the farms as far away as Gogar, Ratho and Broxburn. It was a 1-gear bike with box in front, loaded up with plumbing tools etc.  The back wheel would rise off the ground, so you had to get on the saddle quick.

In these days, motor cars were few & far between and the Maybury and Glasgow Road was a peaceful spot."

Ian Thomson, Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia:  February 10, 2009


Ian also recalled working with the young Davy Fell, the son Mr Fell of 'Fell & Mathieson'.

Fell & Mathiesion

"Davey was once caught on the bike coming down Clermiston with two other apprentices on board at a rapid speed.  The only trouble was that they ran into the police at the bottom of the hill."

Ian Thomson, Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia:  February 10, 2009

More Corstorphine Recollections

After adding my photo of the Fell & Mathieson bike to the EdinPhoto web site, both Jim Thomson and Ian Thomson (above) sent me more of their memories of the bike.

    Corstorphine Heritage Trust Museum  -  Fell & Mathieson Cycle

Their latest comments, dated April 16, 2011, together with other people's memories of Corstorphine can be found on this page of the web site:

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