Marine Gardens, Portobello


July 26, 1913

Balloons  -  1913

Edinburgh Aero Club   - founded 1928

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Jimmieson.                                                                             Photographer not known

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   Edinburgh Aero Club   - founded 1928



Balloon Flight

Thank you to David Jimmieson:

-   for allowing me to reproduce this photo

-  for helping me to interpret the hame of the lady from the handwritten note on the photograph - with the help of research done by his daughter, Marilyn.

The title of this photo reads:  "Miss Spencer,    Marine Gardens, Portobello,   26 July 1913"

Marine Gardens

Marine Gardens Pleasure Park had been constructed at Seafield, Portobello in 1909, using many of the buildings that had formed the Scottish National Exhibition at Saughton Park in 1908.

Acknowledgement:  David Jimmieson:  August 31 + September 9, 2009



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