1938  SS100

Who was the original owner of this car?


1938 SS100 car looking as it would have looked when new

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Roger Learmonth, West Sussex



Roger Learmonth

West Sussex

SS Cars

After providing an answer to a question about an SS1 car that was once owned by Bryan Gourlay's family

    1938 car on a trip around the north of Scotland

Roger Learmonth asked a question about his own car, that he has been researching for the past ten years.

Roger wrote:

1938  SS100

"I am coming to the end of the road in trying to trace the history of my own SS car. I have been researching its history for the past ten years."

Registered 1938

"I know that my car was first registered with the authority in Midlothian on November 23, 1938.  Here's how it would have looked in 1938:

1938  SS100 in original condition

The car was distributed by the SS/Jaguar dealer Rossleigh who unfortunately kept no records. The original registration papers were lost when sent from the DVLA to the Edinburgh archives and never arrived."

Noel Bean - 1946

"In 1946 the car was acquired by Noel Bean of Edinburgh, sadly no longer with us. Noel was Scottish hill climb champion who used the car extensively for both business and competition.

Noel sold the car to Ian Stewart the famous Jaguar driver of Ecurie Ecosse fame who continued SYs climbing career.

I corresponded with Noel Bean in his 99th year and he thought he recalled buying from a trawler man.

I understand that there were a number of trawler owning families in the area and it is possible that a member of one of these families acquired the car in 1938.


Who was the original owner?

"My quest is to trace the owner who passed the car on to Noel Bean in 1946, and to discover if he was the original owner of the car.

Does anyone, I wonder, remember a father, grandfather, relative or friend owning an ivory or white SS 100 sports car, registration number SY 6684?

1938  SS100 in original condition

If you do Id love to hear from you, to help me fill in the final blanks in the cars past. Except for the early gap, I have managed to put together the complete history of this very Scottish motorcar.

Any assistance or information will be very gratefully received."

Roger Learmonth, West Sussex, England:  April 24+25, 2009


If you wish to send a reply to Roger please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.

 -  Peter Stubbs:  April 27, 2009


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