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I don't have any moving images on the EdinPhoto web site, but have given  links below to  a few videos and film clips relating to Edinburgh that can be found on other sites.

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1. Dumbiedykes Housing

This  film clip, titled Slums, comes from the BBC Archives.  It is an extract from a Panorama programme about Edinburgh housing at  Dumbiedykes in the early-1960s, shortly before the houses were demolished.  (4 minutes)

2. Edinburgh Clubs & Discos  -  Boston Dexters   NEW

The 'Clubs & Discos' section of the EdinPhoto web site has many memories of Edinburgh groups in the 1960s, including some appreciative comments about the group, Boston Dexters

Here is a short YouTube clip of one of the group's records.
(3 minutes)

3.  Edinburgh Festival, 1950 

An 8-minute British Pathe film clip featuring Edinburgh Festival in 1950  -  black + white,  no sound track

With acknowledgement to Rodney Marshall, Luton, Bedfordshire, England, for telling me about this film.
 - Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 2, 2015

4.  Edinburgh Festival, 1953 

A 13-minute British Pathe film clip featuring Edinburgh Festival in 1953  -  black + white, with a sound track

With acknowledgement to Rodney Marshall, Luton, Bedfordshire, England, for telling me about this film.
 - Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 2, 2015

5.  Edinburgh Trams 

Yesterday, I added a link to a YouTube page with a full length film of Edinburgh trams.  I enjoyed what I viewed of this film.  However, I now believe that the YouTube film may well be an unauthorised copy of  the OnLine video/DVD titled  'Edinburgh Trams'.*

* I've now removed the link to this YouTube video, because I don't want to include anything on the EdinPhoto site that might encourage the viewing of unauthorised copies of videos, no matter how interesting their content might be. Incidentally, I see that the OnLine DVD, Edinburgh Trams, is still available from Amazon.

 - Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  January 29, 2012.

6.  Leith - Moving House

This is a silent film, produced around 1939 by Campbell Harper Films Ltd.  The film is titled 'New Lives'.  It follows the McAllister family, a working class family, as they move from condemned tenements in Leith to a new home.
(5 minutes)

7.  Holyrood Park

This video of a drive around Holyrood Park (sometimes called Queen's Park) was filmed by Stuart Lyon around 2009.  The route enters the park from the west along Holyrood Park Road beside the Royal Commonwealth Pool, then circles the park clockwise travelling around Queen's Drive for about three miles.

The  route passes:

-  the former James Clark School

-  new flats at Dumbiedykes

-  Dynamic Earth (white roof)

-  Lion Sculpture (close to Holyrood Palace grounds)

-  St Margaret's Loch (before the right-hand turn)

-  Dunsappie Loch (not seen, at top of hill)

On the way down the hill, there are views of the Pentland Hills then the Old Town of Edinburgh including Edinburgh Castle (on the left) and Salisbury Crags (on the right).

(10 minutes)

8. Johnny on the Run   NEW

This is a 6-minute YouTube extract from the 68-minute film, 'Johnny on the Run', a film about a Polish boy in Edinburgh.

It was filmed in and around The Vennel, Grassmarket, Edinburgh in 1953, at a time when children  playing in the streets was a common sight in Edinburgh.


1.  Tommy Aris, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England (Oct 11, 2012) for telling me about this film clip.

2.  Cathie Luppino (née Cormack) Pennsylvania, USA (23 December 2014for reminding me about the film clip.  Cathy's granny lived in the bottom flat at Brown's Place, The Vennel,

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 23, 201

9. Land of Invention   NEW

This is an 11-minute black and white British Council Film, made in 1941, about Scotland and its inventors.

Edinburgh is included in this film, particularly during the last 3 minutes when the film shows scenes of the city and  refers to the inventions of Alexander Graham Bell and James Young Simpson.

Speaking of Edinburgh, the film says:

 "Here is the capital city of that strange, restless inquiring country.  Even today, it numbers less than the population of London.  It is still a hard land to live in.

Edinburgh is town of dour people, fine strong buildings and a terrible east wind, but it seems to be a good soil for inventive geniuses who have given their discoveries to mankind."

Thank you to Rodney Marshall, Luton, Bedfordshire, England for telling me about this film.

10.  Lost Edinburgh   NEW

I found this 8-minute YouTube film by Jack Gillon to be very interesting, with its  glimpse of Edinburgh life in an earlier era.  I find it hard to believe that this 'earlier era' is as recent as the 1950s.

The title of the film is:

Lost Edinburgh

Edinburgh in the 1950s - Ten years that changed a City

Suggestion:  When the film begins, click on the 'x' in
the corner of the 'spell check message' to remove it.

The film includes clips of:

-  Edinburgh zoo Penguins, Elephant rides, Polar bear

-  Portobello Promenade, Open Air Pool

-  Children in the Streets Old Town, New Town

-  Edinburgh Tattoo

-  Leith including the Docks

-  Transport  Cars, Buses, Trams

Thank you to Stuart Lyon, Blackford, Edinburgh, for telling me about this film.

11.  Princes Street Parade, 1942

This clip from a  British Pathe film clip, Allies Week, shows a parade along Princes Street.  (1 minute)

12. R&R Clark, Printers

R&R Clark was founded in 1846 and remained in business in Edinburgh until 1979.

Jim Cairns has been  collecting photos of R&R Clark employees at work and at play, and photos of tickets and programmes for social functions that the company has produced over the years, the earliest dating back to 1887

Jim has now put these together to create an interesting a 21-minute film on YouTube that captures the atmosphere of the company and its workers.  The film is titled:

Printers' Pie and Pyknyks.

13.  Road Safety Film Clip

This clip from a Road Safety film entitled 'A Letter from Edinburgh' lasts for only 75 seconds, but has some interesting street scenes of Edinburgh in 1950.

This film comes from the Scottish Film Archive.  The film clip can be seen in a small window on this page of the National Library of Scotland's web site.  (7 minutes)

14. The Palais - Manfred Mann   NEW

Beginning after about 10 seconds of athletics ... A British Pathé film clip titled: 'Edinburgh - Manfreds Go Top'.

This shows Manfred Mann and his group entering The Palais Dance Hall at Fountainbridge, Edinburgh then singing their hit, 'Do Wah Diddy Diddy'.

This was filmed in 1964 when The Manfreds were top of the Singles Charts with this hit.

Thank you to Mike Cassidy for telling me about this film clip.
 Mike added: 
There's even a guy in a kilt!"

(3 minutes)

Thank you to Mike Cassidy, for telling me about this film clip

15. Time-Lapse photos - Bicycle Ride

This YouTube film titled Edinburgh Time-Lapse - Bicycle Ride  follows a route in winter along roads, cycle paths and canal towpaths from Church Hill, through  Murrayfield and Corstorphine then along the Union Canal to the aqueduct at Slateford.
(2 minutes)

16. Time-Lapse photos - Edinburgh

For this YouTube  film, titled Edinburgh Richard Turley, with the  support Stevenson College Edinburgh Audiovisual Dept, used over 5000 photos taken  with a Sony a200 D-SLR camera to create his time-lapse sequences.

These sequences show scurrying across the sky and rapidly-moving traffic in the streets throughout the day, from dawn to midnight.
(4 minutes)

17. Waverley Steps

I found this British Film Institute 31-minute  film to be interesting and nostalgic  It captures the atmosphere of a weekend in Edinburgh in 1948 well.

It includes railways, street scenes with old cars, lorries trams and horse-drawn vehicles, tenements, shops, people at work and at leisure There are many familiar scenes, but with more cobbled streets and grimy buildings than we have today.

Thank you to Rodney Marshall, Luton, Bedfordshire, England, for telling me about this film.
(31 minutes)




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