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1.  Andrew Paterson Collection      A NEW LINK

Following his research into the photography of the early  Inverness-based photographer, Andrew Paterson, Adrian Harvey has now (July 2013) launched this web site dedicated to Andrew Paterson.

Andrew Paterson's photography began in 1896 and continued until his death in 1948, when his photographic studio in Inverness was taken over by his son, Hector.

I found the Andrew Paterson Collection web site, to be informative, well presented and easy to follow.  It include:

-  an interactive edition of 'Paterson's Inverness Portraits', a 52-page magazine.  (Just click on the lower-right corner of the magazine to turn the page, or on the lower-left to turn back.)

-  background information and a wide range of photos from the studios of Andrew Paterson and his son Hector.

-  illustrations of Medals awarded to Andrew Paterson at the Edinburgh Photographic Society Exhibitions in 1909 and 1920.  These illustrations are on page 9 of the magazine.

2.  Capital Collections      A NEW LINK

The Capital Collections web site, launched in 2008, includes images from the extensive collection of photos, watercolours, drawings and engravings held by the Edinburgh Room at Central Library, and also from other collections held by Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services.

The Advanced Search on the Capital Collections web site allows the images to be searched by title, artist, date, etc.

Photographers represented include:

-  Thomas Begbie

-  Francis M Chrystal

-  David Octavius Hill

-  Alexander Adam Inglis

-  Thomas Keith

-  James Patrick

-  John Patrick

-  James Good Tunny

-  George Washington Wilson

and many others.

3.  Edinburgh Calotype Albums

Edinburgh Central Library has an album compiled by Montgomery,  one of the Members of the Edinburgh Calotype Club.  A second album was acquired in late 2001 by a consortium led by the National Library of Scotland. 

Information on both albums and a full set of un-retouched images from both albums, search facilities, links and details of the restoration of the albums can be found on this National Libraries of Scotland - Pencils of Light web site.

4.  Francis Frith Photos

The Frith Book Company has reproduced many of Francis Frith's photos in its 'Photographic Memories' series of books.

The Francis Frith web site currently [2005] lists about 330 books in this series, together with  over 100,000 photos from 1860 to 1970.  Copies of individual photos are offered for sale.

5.  Glasgow University  -  Hill & Adamson Collection

This site has includes 490 images from the Glasgow University Collection of Hill & Adamson calotypes.  I have sometimes found this site slow to load or 'not available' but it should be possible to look at Google's cached copy of the site.

The research and text on this site is by Professor Larry J. Schaaf, who is carrying out a major project, recording the correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot.

6.  Judges' Postcards

Andrew and Sonya Reynolds have produced several lists of Judges cards.  For further details of these lists and how to join the JUDGES POSTCARD STUDY GROUP please see Andrew's Reynolds Collectors' World web site.

7.  Living Memory Association  -  Edinburgh

The Living Memory Association, established in Edinburgh in 1985, aims to collect and share recollections and photos provided by a wide range of people of Edinburgh.

The association, supported by Heritage Lottery and other funding and by a team of volunteers, has published a number of booklets of these memories, and recently [Oct 2004] added about 1,200 photos to its web site.  These include childhood, street scenes and social life from Edinburgh and further afield.

8.  National Portrait Gallery - London

This collection includes a painting of DO Hill by Robert Scott Lauder, and several calotypes by Hill & Adamson.

9.  National Museums and Galleries of Merseyside

This collection includes paintings in The Walker Art Gallery - including Daguerre's painting of Ruins of Holyrood Chapel

10.  National Museum of Photography, Film and Television

The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, is part of the Science Museum.  It has an IMAX cinema, permanent and temporary exhibitions and research facilities. 

The Photography section of the NMPFTV web site includes photographs by the Edinburgh photographers, John Thomson and Charles Piazzi Smyth and by PSS Member, Julia Margaret Cameron.

11.  Photo-Ark - An archive for family photographs and old postcards

The Photo-Ark web site to provides an online resource for holding old family photos (pre-1950), so ensuring that these photos and descriptions of them are not lost for ever.  I believe this to be a very valuable service.  It's good to see such photos being brought to a wider audience.

The Photo-Archive web site also holds old postcards (pre-1934).  Indexing of the images is, at present, restricted to those from Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and War & Regimental images. However, the site is also accepting images from other counties in the UK.

12.  Roger Vaughan's Picture Library

This web site is the result of 6 years' work, up to 2004, by Roger Vaughan.  The site includes 3,000 Victorian and Edwardian photographs - cartes de visite, cabinet prints and postcards. 

The site includes a link to pages of cartes de visite and other photos, approximately dated for each year from 1860 to 1952.  The dress fashions in these photos may be helpful to anybody attempting to date old family photos.

13.  Royal Photographic Society

This collection includes the OG Rejlander's Two Ways of Life, which caused caused controversy in Edinburgh and led to many of Edinburgh's professional photographers resigning from PSS

14.  St Andrews University Library

St Andrews University Library holds 300,000 images  in its archive, including  a large collection of negatives used by Valentines of Dundee to produce post cards.  For further details see the St Andrews University Library  web site, which has a link to a page for asking Questions about their collection.

15.  The Science & Society Picture Library

This collection includes photos from the National Museum of Photography Film & Television, including Ivan Sjabo's photographs of Talbot

16.  Scottish National Photography Centre

Please click here to view the official SNPC web site.  This site gives the latest news on plans to create a Scottish National Photography Centre at the Royal High School, beneath Calton Hill, close to Rock House where Hill & Adamson produced their calotypes in 1843-47.

The SNPC web site also gives you the chance to:

-  subscribe and receive future SNPC news updates, or

-  view or download the booklet Photography in Scotland, published in 2004.

17.  Scran  -  Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network

This is a large and growing educational resource that includes old photographs from many collections, including photographs of the Old Town of Edinburgh from the collection in the Edinburgh Room at  Edinburgh Central Library.

18.  V&A Museum  -  Lafayette photographs of royalty

The Victoria & Alert Museum in London has an impressive collection of Lafayette photographs of royalty, dating from 1897 to 1925.  Please click here to see thumbnail images of them.

19.  Yerbury of Edinburgh

Yerbury of Edinburgh were based at 71-73 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh until 2004, but Trevor and Faye Yerbury have now moved to West Lothian.  This is now  their Yerbury  Studio web site.

The Yerbury collection  includes photographs taken by the Yerbury family and by JCH Balmain and others whose companies were taken over by Yerbury.



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