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1.    Edinburgh Collected

           A new web site from Edinburgh City Libraries

The Edinburgh Collected web site has been created on behalf of Edinburgh City Libraries in order to record people's photos and memories of  Edinburgh.

It will run alongside the Capital Collections web site, the site used by Edinburgh City Libraries to hold their own collection of photos of Edinburgh and make them available to a wider audience.

To some extent, the scope of Edinburgh Collected is similar to that of my EdinPhoto web site.


I created the  EdinPhoto web site in 2001, using the methods available at the time, long before the days of today's social media and viewing web sites  on mobile phones and tablets.

I've continued to add to the content of the EdinPhoto site ever since the site was launched, but I've made no significant changes to the design of the site.


However, the  Edinburgh Collected web site is newer. It uses an open data approach, so enabling third parties to create their own apps using the data if they wish to.

Anybody will be able to view the content of the Edinburgh Collected web  site, but those wishing to contribute photos or comments to the site will have to sign up to become a member first.

Anybody who signs up will be able to add their memories and photos to the site.  They will also have the option to create their own scrapbooks, give feedback to the site and  click on 'share' buttons.  Initially, at least, the site will be moderated.


The Edinburgh Collected web site has come along at a good time.  You may like to try viewing it and contributing to it.

You should be able to contribute your photos and memories on a timescale that is under your own control, rather than wait until I've found the time to add them to the EdinPhoto web site for you.  Over the past couple of years, emails and updates for the EdinPhoto web site have been arriving here faster than I have been able to cope with them.

Peter Stubbs:  Edinburgh:  May 9, 2015

2.   Spirit of Leithers (on Facebook)

... continuing the work of John Stewart

John Stewart was born and brought up in Leith, then later moved to Livingston, West Lothian.  In 2001, John created a web site, 'Old Leither' on which people shared their photos and memories of Leith.

A group of contributors to the 'Old Leither' sit showed their appreciation to John by holding a surprise party for him at Leith Library in October 2010.

A surprise party for John Stewart, creator of the Old Leither web site.  The party was held at Leith Library on October 9, 2010.

John kept his Old Leither' site running until 2012 but, sadly, died in January that year after a short illness.  Friends and family were keen to ensure that all the material on the site would not be lost, and that others would be able to continue to contribute more.  So they created Spirit of Leithers pages on Facebook in 2012.


I don't contribute to Facebook myself, but I've heard good reports about the Spirit of Leithers pages from others. 

So I can recommend having a look at the site, and possibly contributing to it, or perhaps posting any questions that you have about Leith there.

Peter Stubbs:  Edinburgh:  May 10, 2015



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