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The EdinPhoto web site is concerned mainly with the early Edinburgh photographers and their images (and other aspects of Edinburgh) rather than with photographic equipment.

However the following web sites may be of interest to anybody who has queries about early cameras and other photographic equipment. 

If I find other sites to be of particular interest, I will add them below.

1.  Drone Aerial Photography

This web site has been created by Cathy Santos, originally from the US and now living in Chile, with the help of a few friends.

It includes a collection of tips, tricks and expert advice from photographers on drone aerial photography

2.  Kodak Cameras

This web site has a list of Kodak cameras since 1888.

For each model, it gives:

-  dates the camera was sold.

-  type of film used.

-  price when new.

3.  Panoramic Photo

The Panoramic Photo web site includes:

-  examples of panoramic photographs from the early 1900s

-  a  timeline of panoramic cameras.  This gives brief details of cameras produced between 1843 and 1994.

4. Scots Photographica Collection

The Scots Photographica Collection web site gives details illustrations and details of many vintage cameras.  Here are two pages I found while investigating these panoramic photos:

-  the No 1 Kodak Panoram (sold between 1900 and 1926).

-  the Baby Al-Vista camera (sold between 1906 and 1908).



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