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1.  Births, Deaths and Marriages - from 1855

Statutory registration of births, marriages and deaths in Scotland started in 1855, so if you are looking for information after that date, you may be able to find it on  the website of the General Register Office for Scotland 

2.  Carte de Visite

This carte de visite web site was launched in February 2007.  It includes carte de visite images, lists of Victorian photographers, their studios and their customers.  The site is designed particularly for family history, local history and social history researchers and may also be of interest to authors.

3.  Days of the Week   NEW

This page on the Search for Ancestors web site can be used to discover what day of the week certain dates fell on in the past.

It has been used to discover the year of old programs from Edinburgh clubs and discos, such as this one from the Gonk Club.

4.  Explore Genealogy

This is a non-commercial web site, set up by Robert Baird to give practical advice on family history research, and to be a single source of information for UK research.

The site's home page gives links to a selection of pages.  Each time the screen is refreshed, a new selection appears.

The site map shows the scope of the site which includes articles on 'basics of genealogy' and 'research considerations' as well as links to death records, marriage records, ancestors aboard, etc.

5.  Forth Railway Bridge Memorial

This web site (new, April 2005) describes plans  to erect a memorial to the workers who died during the construction of the Forth Rail Bridge in the 1880s and 1890s.

This site includes a list of the names found to date by researchers working with the  Queensferry History Group  The group is keen to hear from anybody with further information.

6.  Leith Memories

Recollections by John Stewart, a Leither born in 1934.  This site includes John's memories of wartime, post-war, the shipyard, Dr Bell's school, etc.  He describes this site as "a drop-in centre for Leithers worldwide."

This site is now receiving lots of reminiscences of Leith in its guestbook.

7.  Library Index

This library index, held on the Familia web site, gives details of libraries throughout Britain.  It gives library addresses, opening times, research services and details of records held, including birth, death and marriage records, censuses and directories.

8.  Monumental Inscriptions in Inveresk Kirkyard

These Monumental Inscriptions refer to two chemists, Joseph Astley and his son, Thomas.  Thomas Astley may be the photographer, Mr Astley, who exhibited three Daguerreotype photographs in December 1839 at the Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures in the Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh.

9.  National Archives

The National Archives web site has been suggested as a source for answering a question about which regiment this soldier belonged to. 

Postcard portrait of a Soldier  -  from the Campbell Harper studio

Here is a link to click on for online enquiries about WW1 Campaign Medals.

10    Newhaven   NEW

This  Old Newhaven web site has been set up by the Friends of Old Newhaven Society.  It includes photos of Newhaven, articles on the history of Newhaven and memories, stories of Newhaven.

It also includes family information and a 'Surname Search' based partly on an extensive family tree compiled  by Derek and Valerie Flockhart.

11.   Post Office Directories   NEW

The  National Library of Scotland recently made many of their Post Office Directories available on-line.  These include a wealth of information.

12.  Scotland's People

The Scotland's People web site  is the official web site for birth, death and marriage records and censuses in Scotland.  There is a small charge for searching this site, but I have found the indexing to be good and a lot of information to be available.  Alternatively, there are search rooms that can be used at Register House, East End of Princes Street, to view these records.

13.  Scottish Genealogy Society

This society has offices at Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh, close to the top of the Royal Mile.  These premises can be used for family history research. 

Publications including lists of photographers in Scotland, Monumental Inscriptions, etc. can be bought from the society's offices or from the web site.  The web site also has links to other sites covering genealogy in Scotland.

14.  UK Genealogy Interests Directory

This UK Genealogy Interests Directory (UKGID) web site looks like a useful site for researching British genealogy by surname.  It allows details to be input by family name and area and to be browsed.  There is no charge for this service.

15.  Scottish Roots   NEW

The Scottish Roots service was established in 1984.  It carries out ancestral research based on official records in Scotland.  The Scottish Roots web site includes examples of reports that can be produced, a list of charges for their services and links to other relevant web sites.

16.  Wishart - Family Photograph Album

Scott Alexander Wishart's web site provides:

-  photos of members of his family, from early 1900s, including

-  4 photographs from J Campbell Harper's studio, Leith

-  2 photographs from Paterson's Burgh Studio, Leith.

-  photos from the war album of his Grandfather who was a Sergeant in 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron RAF.



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