Frederick Davidson

Who was Frederick Davidson?

What is known about  Frederick Davidson?  Was he related to any of the other Edinburgh photographers named Davidson?

I have not found any photographic business under the name of Frederick Davidson in the old Edinburgh trade directories, but there was an Edinburgh photographer by this name who emigrated to the USA in 1896.

Before emigrating, he may well have been employed by one of the  Edinburgh photographic studios of the 1890s.

Immigration Ship

SS Hibernian

Frederick Davidson occupied one of the 34 cabins on the immigrant ship SS Hibernian, which sailed from Glasgow, Galway and Derry to Port Boston on  3 June 1986.  His journey was from Glasgow to Cambridgeport, USA.

He was described as a photographer, age 28,  from Edinburgh, nationality 'Scotch'.

There were also 222 passengers on the ship, mainly labourers and domestics, travelling in steerage class, and 19 returning cattlemen.  Frederick Davidson was the only photographer.

Thank you

With acknowledgement to Steve van Dulken  for advising me of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild web site containing the details above

Frederick Davidson

Census Details

Thank you to Alexander Keith for giving me the following additional information about Frederick Davidson.

Alexander wrote:

1891 Census

"Frederick Davidson is listed in the 1891 census, then aged 24, living at 59 Thistle Street, Edinburgh.  He is described as a photographic retoucher

1881 Census

"In the 1881 census, there is a family of Davidsons living at 29 North Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh.  It includes a Frederick.  His age is not quite consistent with that in the 1891 census, but I have found no other in Frederick Davidson in Edinburgh.

Frederick's father, William, an Orcadian, is a painter.
Frederick's two brothers, William and John, are also painters."

Alexander Keith:  April 12, 2010



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Frederick Davidson

(emigrated to USA 1896)

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