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People sometimes ask to be put in touch with EdinPhoto contributors who they remember from the past, and have lost touch with.   I can usually help, but sometimes I find that the contributors' email addresses that I have are no longer active - as in the cases below.

If you see  your name below, or if you know how to contact anybody listed below, please email me Then, I'll pass on the current contact details to the person seeking them.

-  Thank you

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: 14 September 2017


Lost Contacts

If you find your name in Col 1 below, please email me
to let me know your current email address.  Thank you.

- Peter Stubbs


Alphabetical Order


of search


Vivian Aitken

Apr 2019

Linda Collins was a resident at Canaan House and remembers the twin girls that you mentioned in yor Posting on the EdinPhoto we site.  I don't kow whether you remember Linda or  not.  She may wish to send an email to you.

Christine Anderson
née Keith)

Mar 2017

People would like to contact you to discuss  concerning your contributions added to the EdinPhoto Recollections pages in 2008-12

Lily Burke

24 Jun 2017

Jimmy Letham (Edinburgh) would like to contact you.

Muriel Inch

Mar 2017

People would like to contact you to discuss  concerning your contributions added to the EdinPhoto Recollections pages in 2008-12

Jim Cowan

17 Apr 2017

Frank Wilcher (ex-Craigmillar) would like to contact you.

Geoff Dawson

2 Apr 2017

 Susan Evoy has info for you about  JCH Balmain.

Florence Jack
née Lockyer)

20 Aug 2018




28 Aug 2018


Jean Shaw would like to make contact with you.  She remembers you and Margaret (Stewart) Rubery from the time that she and her brother spent in Dean Orphanage.


Christine Doyle would also like to contact you.  She remembers you as Flo, from the time when she was at Dean Orphanage (Dean House) where Miss Cochrane was the Matron and you were one of the younger members of staff.

Walter J Kramarski

30 Sep 2017

Susan Hunt would like to contact you concerning your book: 'Pitcairn Islands QSL Cards'.

Jimmy Letham

Found !

10 Jul 2017

Graeme Munro and Elizabeth Fraser (née Betty Simpson)
would both like to contact you.

Thank you Jimmy Letham for your message sent on 6 Aug 2017, giving me your latest email address.  I've now passed that on to those who were hoping to contact you.

Florence Lockyer

18 Sep 2018

Margaret Rubery (née Stewart) would like to contact you concerning Dean Orphanage Dean Orphanage.

Ann Moir

3 Sep 2018

George Duncan would like to contact you. 
He served his apprenticeship with Peter Nimmo, your father's joinery business.

Margaret Neilson
née Wynne)

14 Sep 2017

Esther Fulton, one of your class mates from St Mary's  Star of the Sea RC Primary School, Henderson Street, Leith from 1949 to 1958, would like to contact you.

CL Patrick

11 Jul 2017

 David Afleck, researching the Patrick family,
 would like to contact you.

Liz Smith
née Mackay)

4 Mar 2019

Alan Whyte would like to contact you with concerning recollections of Cramond Primary School in the 1970s..

Lilian Young

26 May 2013

Linda Doig would like to contact you, to see if you can help her to find Joyce Baxter who lived at 557 Calder Road, Edinburgh in 1955.


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