Cabinet Prints by

ER Yerbury  and  Ovinius Davis

What are these Outfits?

Cabinet Print  by ER Yerbury

Yerbury Cabinet Print  -  Two ladies in matching outfits

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Steve Aitken, Blackburn, England

Cabinet Print  by Ovinius Davis

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Steve Aitken, Blackburn, England


Cabinet Prints

Thank you to Steve Aitken for allowing me to reproduce these photos from his family album.

Steve wrote:

Ladies' Outfits

"These photos show my great grandfather's sister, Isabella Hislop Veitch. In both photos she and the other person are wearing the same top-coat or jacket, albeit one is late Victorian and the other, a later Edwardian version ***

***   See also 'Dates of Photos' below


"They both have the same three buttons, and could be worn over the person's other clothing. Are you aware of a source giving pictorial details of  temperance or other religious groups operating in Edinburgh?  I suspect this is what they belonged to.  I would appreciate any advice, including if I am barking up the wrong tree.

I hope that I am right, and that the older photo shows a development of the 'uniform' if that is what it is.

I know that there would limited choice in clothing, but it does seem a strong coincidence, as women don't usually like to be seen wearing the same outfit."


The other lady in the first picture is Isabella Fowler, sister in law of my Great great grandmother, Janet Fowler.  She appears to be wearing some sort of rosette.

"Incidentally my Mother was born in 1928 and Isabella Hislop Veitch died in the late-1930s.  My Great grandfather lived at 13 Brown Street (now demolished) and Isabella lived next door, a spinster.

My mother could remember being taken out by Isabella around the park in Brown Street, across from the flats. She wasn't allowed to run or play and had to walk quietly beside her great aunt.  She was a bit of a tartar and perhaps a prime candidate for the temperance movement!"

Steve Aitken, Blackburn, Lancashire, England:  April 10, 2011

Dates of the Photos

Both the photos above are cabinet prints.  These were very popular from around 1870s, but most photographers appear to have stopped producing them around 1900, so I think the two photos above may well both be late Victorian, though as Steve suggests, one may have been produced a few years before the other.

We don't get much help in dating these photos from the names and addresses of the studios.  Both photographers remained at these addresses from the 19th century until well into the 20th century




The Yerbury family of photographers

ER Yerbury x 3  -  Professional photographers in Edinburgh


eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1843-1933

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1843-1932

eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1881-1952

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1881-1952

Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940  -  aged about three   Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940

Edward Roper Yerbury - 1915-1940

David Stenhouse Yerbury  1925-1980

David Stenhouse Yerbury -1925-1980

Trevor Yerbury  -  born 1951

Trevor ER Yerbury - 1951- .....

and Faye Yerbury

Eleanor D Yerbury - b.1845

Laura G Yerbury


Yerbury Studio  -  1892

Yerbury Studio  -  Photos  -  1932

Yerbury Studio  -  Photo  -  1869-1912


Yerbury  -  Photo of de Gaulle

Yerbury  -  Circular Photo of Watson's


Yerbury & Stewart

Yerbury  -  Businesses Taken Over


ER Yerbury -  3 Generations

Yerbury -  Family Tree

Studio Photos

Yerbury  -  Cartes de Visite

Yerbury  -  Cartes de Visite - backs

Yerbury  -  Cabinet Prints

Yerbury  -  Dating old photos

Yerbury  -  Early 1900s

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Yerbury  -  Postcard Portraits

Yerbury & Son  -  Platinotype Portrait

Yerbury & Son  -  Workers, 1907


ER Yerbury  -  Postcard views


Ovinius Davis  -  studio and workers

Ovinius Davis  -  cartes de visite