8th Leith

Boys' Brigade

Pilrig Church



Ronald Stout


Thank you to Ronald Stout who wrote:


"I was a member of 8th. Leith Boys' Brigade, Pilrig Church in my youth, and  still have my badges - properly framed.

 AT THE TOP: is the Queen's badge, followed by the long service badge and the Duke of Edinburgh silver award.

FURTHER DOWN (after the row of smaller badges) each representing a year of service, are the following

-  TOP ROW: Athletics, camping, fireman, first aid, gymnastics

SECOND ROW: Scripture knowledge, NCO star/drill ?, signallers badge

The company acquired new colours around 1963, thus the rank of colour sergeant

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ronald Stout, Denmark

Ronald Stout, Denmark:  February 13, 2012



John Dickson

Royston, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Dickson for responding to the request by Lorraine Gulam for old photos of Milton House Primary school.

John sent this photo of the school playground:

Milton House School Playground ©

Acknowledgement:   John Dickson, Royston, Edinburgh:  October 17, 2011



Pat Ashe (née Cook)

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Thank you to Pat Ashe (née Cook) for providing some of the missing names for this class photo taken at Milton House Primary School in 1957:

Milton House School class, 1957  ©

Pat added:


"I have fond memories of attending Milton House Primary School.  The everlasting memory I have is of marching up and down the stairs to the dulcet tones of military music.

It certainly kept us all in time!"

School Name

"I've discovered that the school is now called 'The Royal Mile School'.  Does anybody know the reason for this name change?"

Acknowledgement:   Pat Ashe, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia:  October 17, 2011




James King

Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland

Thank you to James King for responding to the question at the end of Recollections 4 above

James wrote:

School Name

"My Dad was the Janitor at the school for 25 years and was there when the name was changed.  A number of primary schools in the area were amalgamated and they changed the name to try and keep everyone happy.

James King, Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland:  January 18, 2012


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