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Front Cover

The front and back covers of a children'sook by Valentine & Sons Ltd  -  The Doll's House

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jennifer L Vaughan, Gwent, South Wales


Valentine Book

Valentine & Sons Ltd were better known for their postcards, but they also published a number of small books in the early 1900s.

Above is the cover of one of them.  Here is a list of the other Valentine books that I know of.

This image was sent to me by Jennifer L Vaughan who tells me that the book was first published in Edinburgh in July 1909.

Jennifer added:

"The book has coloured illustrations, all done by A.L. Bowley, and the hymns are unusual and very old as you can tell by the wording, phrases, and soundings."

Acknowledgement:  Jennifer L Vaughan, Risca, Newport, Gwent, South Wales:  Jan 26 + 27,2009


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