Bruce Peebles Factory

Tay Works, Bonnington


The first Electrical Shop

Bruce Peebles  -  First Electrical Shop, Tay Works, Bonnington  -  1898

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd


Bruce Peebles Factory

Tay Works, Bonnington

Here is a view of Bruce Peebles' first electrical shop at Tay Works, Bonnington, in 1898.  This view appeared in the book:

'The Story of Bruce Peebles 1866-1954'.


This map shows the location of Bruce Peebles' works at Bonnington, and the location of the site at East Pilton that the company moved to in 1903

Pictorial Map of Edinburgh showing Bruce Peebles' works,  1866 to 1898  -  Zoom in to North Edinburgh


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