Employees of

R&R Clark

Brandon Street, Canonmills, Edinburgh

Colophon on the gable of  R&R Clark's Brandon Street Offices, Canonmills

Photo taken around 2004

R&R Clark, Brandon Street, Canonmills  -  Colophon on the gable above the entrance to the offices

Jim Cairns, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, one of the workers at R&R Clark from 1959s                             Photo taken around 2004


R&R Clark


Thank you to Jim Cairns for sending me this photo of the colophon (printer's emblem) on the gable above the entrance to  R&R Clark's offices in Brandon Street.  These offices have now become Admin Offices for Standard Life Assurance Company.

Acknowledgement:  Jim Cairns, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland: June 9, 2012


Please click on the thumbnail image below to zoom-out and see another photo taken by Jim Cairns.  This one shows most of the frontage of this old R&R Clark building in Brandon Street, Canonmills.

R&R Clark, Brandon Street, Canonmills  -  Offices in Brandon Street

YouTube Video

R&R Clark was founded in 1846 and remained in business in Edinburgh until 1979.

Jim Cairns has been  collecting photos of R&R Clark employees at work and at play, and photos of tickets and programmes for social functions that the company has produced over the years, the earliest dating back to 1887

Jim has now put these together to create an interesting a 21-minute film on YouTube that captures the atmosphere of the company and its workers.  The film is titled:

Printers' Pie and Pyknyks.


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