Clermiston Mains

Clermiston lies to the west of Corstorphine Hill

About 5 miles west of the centre of Edinburgh

Clermiston Mains

Formerly the 'Big House'  at Buttercup Poultry Farm, Clermiston

Looking towards Turmhouse from Buttercup Dairy Farm, Clermiston, Edinburgh - 1955

İ  Gareth Owen, Edinburgh



Buttercup Poultry Farm

Thank you to Gareth Owen, Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce this recent photo of Clermiston Mains.

Gareth wrote:

"This was the farmhouse of what was Buttercup Dairy Farm.  The name of the house is 'Clermiston Mains;, and this name is still on the main gate.

The house is now a grade 2 listed building.  It dates back to at least the early-1700s.  I have a copy of a map showing the house and the surrounding farmland, dated 1740.

The house was completely rebuilt in the early-1920s, but using the original gable walls.  Most of the surrounding farm buildings have been demolished but a cottage remains and also a mill house."

The Garden and Beyond

Here is a photo taken at Buttercup Poultry Farm in 1955.

'Big House' Garden and Beyond

       Big House Garden and beyond - Buttercup Dairy Farm, Clermiston, Edinburgh, 1955 İ



The Buttercup

Bill Scott is writing a book, The Buttercup,  about Buttercup Poultry Farm and some of the people who were associated with it.

If you have any information or memories that you think might be of interest to Bill, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 21, 2010

Book Published

Bill tells me that his book has now been published and will be reviewed in The Scotsman on August 24, 2011. 

Copies are available from Leghorn Books.

A brief account of why Bill wrote the book can be found on this page on the Amazon web site.


Buttercup Poultry Farm

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