187 Clermiston Road

 Fox Covert Hotel (now a Best Western Hotel)
has been  built around this house


Around 1950

Rear of the House

Clermiston House  -  Front of the house + dog

  Thank you to Giles Greetham for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his family home, Clermiston House




Giles Greetham


Thank you to Alan Stewart, Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, for sending me two photos of this house.

Giles wrote:

Front of the House

"This photo shows my Grandfather and my Uncle at the rear of Clermiston House, our family home, which stood on the top of Clermiston Road at the junction of Drum Brae Drive.

My mother speaks fondly of living there as a young girl in the late1940s and early-1950s.

The house has now been engulfed by the Best Western Hotel.

Giles Greetham:  August 19, 2011

Rear of the House

Please click on the thumbnail image below to see the photograph of the rear of the house that Giles sent to me.

Clermiston House  -  Rear of the house + Uncle + Grandfather




Peter Stubbs


Two Houses

This photo at the top of this page was originally described as Clermiston House.  That puzzled me because I already had photos of Clermiston House on the web site and it was a two-storey building.

However, I've now looked at old maps and discovered that there were two different houses.  They were:



Clermount was in Clermiston Road, near the corner of Drum Brae Road.  The house is still standing but much of it is now hidden by Fox Covert Hotel (now a Best Western Hotel) which has been built around it.

   Clermiston House  -  Rear of the house + Uncle + Grandfather


Clermiston House

Clermiston House house was about half a mile SW of Clermount, on land that subsequently became Queen Margaret College.  Clermiston House was been demolished when the college was built. 

Queen Margaret College has now become Queen Margaret University, and has moved out of Edinburgh to Musselburgh.  The land where Clermiston House once stood is now being redeveloped as housing.

   Clermiston House, in the early-1960s

Peter Stubbs:  August 21, 2011




Giles Greetham


Giles, who sent the photograph of Clermount at the top of this page added:

My Mother

   Clermiston House  -  Rear of the house + Uncle + Grandfather

"My mother loved living in this house.  She  often recalls lying in bed at night with the windows open, hearing the lions roar in the zoo at the other side of the trees.

She also mentioned Buttercup Dairies which I believe was up there somewhere too. **  The family was Gardner.  Charles Gardner (my Grandfather) was a solicitor.

Giles Greetham, Edinburgh:  August 20, 2011

**     Yes -  Buttercup Poultry Farm lay immediately to the SW of Clermount.

 Here are a couple of pictures of the farm.

Entrance to the Farm

Farm Entrance at Buttercup Dairy Farm, Clermiston, Edinburgh - 1947

Farm Cottage and Buildings

Buttercup Dairy Farm Cottage and Buildings, Clermiston, Edinburgh - 1955



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