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James Good Tunny

Early Edinburgh Photographer

A photogrpah by James Good Tunny, probably of one of the members of his family

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sheldon Cunningham, Plano, Texas, USA


Tunny Family Photo

Carte de Visite

Addresses:  11 Salisbury Place and 93 Princes Street

Date:              1871-74 (based on addresses above)


Comment 1

Matching waistcoats were popular from around 1875.
['Dating Old Photographs'  Robert Pols]

Julian Bukits wrote:

"I have compared this with earlier portraits of JG Tunny and believes that this is in fact a photo of  J G Tunny."

Julien Bukit, Southside, Edinburgh:  February 2007


Comment 2

Julian added:

"I am of the opinion that this photo is definitely of James G. Tunny.  He is the same person as appears in the family group in this photo:

Photograph by J G Tunny, his third wife, Margaret (Wilson) Tunny and 4 Tunny Children

Judging by the greyness of his hair and beard, I believe he may have been about age 55 when this photo was taken.  He was born in April 1920, so the photo may have been taken around 1870s." 
(But see comment 3 below.)

Julien Bukit, Southside, Edinburgh:  November 16, 2010


Comment 3:

"Julien appears to be close with his estimated date for this photo.  The addresses of the studios on the back of this carte de visite suggest that the photo would have been taken between 1871 and 1874."

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  September 19, 2010


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